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Introducing the Rebooted Brew Hoop Podcast

From the ashes rises an hour-long digression into Donte DiVincenzo

2018 NBA Draft Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Many longtime Brew Hoop readers remember fondly the Brew Hoop Podcast of old, featuring alumni Steve Von Horn’s radical raps, Frank Madden’s musings and Eric Nehm’s astute insight. From those ashes, we’ve brought forth a new iteration of The Brew Hoop Podcast, featuring our current contributors waxing about Milwaukee Bucks minutiae. We’re not promising to live up to the lofty heights set by our forebearers, but hopefully you enjoy the show all the same.

In the inaugural episode, I’m joined by Riley and Greg to discuss the Donte DiVincenzo pick in greater detail. We touch on his potential to contribute right away, what skills may translate, the philosophy behind the selection, who Milwaukee left on the board and briefly discuss free agency.

Some basic housekeeping about the pod: It is not yet available on iTunes, but we will let you know as soon as it’s approved by Mr. Cook to appear on their feeds. (UPDATE: It’s approved and available on iTunes!)

Expect it in all your favorite podcast apps over the coming weeks too. We didn’t want to spare you the Donte takes while they were piping hot, so SoundCloud is the best (and only) place to hear it for now. We’re aiming for a roughly bi-weekly release schedule. We’re also still ironing out some of the kinks, so apologies in advance for any audio issues, but we’re blaming that on youth, you can’t expect a first podcast to come out at 50 wins level of quality. Hopefully you enjoy it, stick with us and please let us know any feedback you have in the comments below!

For anyone that hasn’t read them already, here are some additional pieces pertinent to the show’s topics.

Music and Audio are courtesy of Power and Beauty and the ACC Digital Network.