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Brew Hoop Night Shift: July 17th, 2018

Welcome to the Brew Hoop Night Shift. Every evening at 9:00pm (central time), this all-purpose thread goes up, and the comments section is where it’s going down. What Bucks news did we not cover? What topics do you want to break down further? Or is there something non-Bucks that you want to bounce off of one another? Even something non-basketball? This is the place.

Tonight’s (on) topic: Giannis Got a Mural

I think this officially means that Giannis Antetokounmpo is a bona fide superstar. A street side mural on the side of a building does not just feature any one.

If you wanted to check out the mural in person, it is located on the S 3600 corner of Clement and St. Francis, with the mural facing north on St. Francis Ave.

Very, very cool. How long until Giannis gets the LeBron James treatment from Nike, and the swoosh commissions a massive downtown mural of Milwaukee’s favorite player?

Tonight’s (off) topic: Movie Pass

I am not a frequent movie goer but the allure of Movie Pass might have me going to theaters more frequently. I do not really have any interest in anything out right now, but come fall and winter, when Oscar movies start hitting the big screen, I might have to invest this services that provides a smorgasbord of movie theater savings. Do we have any Movie Pass user out there?

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As a general rule, non-basketball topics are permitted in an open thread, provided that they follow the SB Nation Community Guidelines.