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Thon Maker Involved in Massive FIBA World Cup Qualifier Brawl

Biggest basketball fight since Malice in the Palace

Australian Boomers Training Session Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Usually, it’s not how you expected a Monday morning to begin by seeing that the Australian National team, which included Milwaukee Bucks players Thon Maker and Matthew Dellevadova, involved in a brawl with the Philippine National team in a FIBA World Cup Qualifier contest.

After Australian player Chris Goulding was elbowed in the face by a member of the Philippines, Australia retaliated. Former NBA player Andray Blatche came in throwing haymakers on his own.

From there, things only escalated, as a Philippine staff member threw a chair at an Australian player.

However, the biggest reason we are writing this is specifically Thon Maker also got involved in the brawl by coming in hot with FLYING. KNEES.

Thon, along with 12 other players, was ejected from this match, which for some reason kept going after this brawl. Eventually the Philippines literally ran out of players, and the match ended with a 89-53 Australia victory. Thon might face discipline for his actions from FIBA, but there isn’t confirmation on if NBA Commissioner Adam Silver or the Milwaukee Bucks can (or will) dole out any punishment.