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Summer League Roster Revealed: Bucks Sending Wilson, Brown, DiVincenzo

Milwaukee Bucks v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It’s July and the hits keep coming. For the Milwaukee Bucks, we finally get confirmation on who will represent the team at this year’s Las Vegas Summer League, where defense goes to die and fans’ expectations go crazy.

As expected, the Bucks’ main prospects on the team will be rookie Donte DiVincenzo, and sophomores D.J. Wilson and Sterling Brown. Both Brown and DiVincenzo will be expected to be role players in 2018-19, while Wilson’s lackluster introduction to the NBA means that the bar is set quite low indeed. It would be a great relief for fans to be able to leave Las Vegas excited about more than D.J’s hair game.

Milwaukee’s LVSL roster.

Apart from the three main roster guys, some names that Bucks fans might be interested are Christian Wood (a bouncy 6’11” G-League center with a versatile skill set), Tim Quarterman (a 6’6” guard who has spent time with Portland and Houston and somehow accumulated more NBA playing time than D.J. Wilson), and Perry Ellis (the 6’7” combo forward from Kansas, not the men’s clothing line).

Historically, the Bucks have never done anything worthy of commemorating in Summer League play. Back in 2014, the team was involved in probably one of the most notable “moments” of the developmental exercise, when Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins faced off and drew significant interest as the draft’s top two prospects. Given that this is the most interesting event in recent memory, you should have appropriately low expectations for this summer’s installment of the LVSL.

The Bucks’ schedule can be found here; summer league play kicks off on July 6.