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Brew Hoop Night Shift: July 5th, 2018

Welcome to the Brew Hoop Night Shift. Every evening at 9:00pm (central time), this all-purpose thread goes up, and the comments section is where it’s going down. What Bucks news did we not cover? What topics do you want to break down further? Or is there something non-Bucks that you want to bounce off of one another? Even something non-basketball? This is the place.

Tonight’s (on) topic:

Vin Baker has had a heck of a past six months when it comes to the Milwaukee Bucks. He started 2018 as an analyst on Fox Sports Wisconsin and was then asked to join the coaching staff shortly after the calendar turned over. Now he has been promoted to Basketball Operations Associate and the been named the Director of Program Development.

The Bucks also made the hiring of assistant coach, Josh Longstaff, official today, but he had been connected with the opening for a week now.

As the Bucks tip-off their Summer League season tomorrow, they are filling in more ancillary roles within the organization. The regular season is about three and a half months away and the LVSL will help make that time fly by.

Tonight’s (off) topic: Minesweeper v. Solitaire

I have been addicted to minesweeper the past week or so. I only play on the expert setting where there are 99 mines to sweep. I have yet to win, but have whittled down the playing surface to just eight and three mines on separate occasions before falling victim to the inevitable guessing game it becomes.

I used to be really into solitaire, but I think it gets boring and predictable after awhile.

Where my minesweeper fanatics at?

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As a general rule, non-basketball topics are permitted in an open thread, provided that they follow the SB Nation Community Guidelines.