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All-Time Tournament: Day 12

Michael Carter-Williams sighting!

With half of our Quarterfinal field known, we still need to find out which four teams will advance out of the Round of 16.

Here were the final four games in the Round of 16:

Game 39

Our day kicked off with two teams from the 70s that faced relatively easy challenges in the Round of 32, but how did they react now that the stakes were raised?

The number two seed, 1971/72 Bucks, just barely hung on against the 1978/79 Bucks to advance into the Quarterfinals. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bob Dandridge synced up to carry their squad in the second half. Abdul-Jabbar finished with 24 points and 18 rebounds and Dandridge posted a 22 point and 10 rebound night. Young Marques Johnson absolutely balled out when his team needed him to posting a 23 point and 13 rebound stat line, unfortunately it was not enough to avoid a second half collapse.

Game 40

Despite being the lower seeded team, the 2000/01 Bucks received a 70-30 vote of confidence from our public pundits. Did the seven seeded 1984/85 Bucks use the disrespect as effective bulletin board material?

Eh, not so much. The 00/01 Bucks got out to great starts to begin both halves and used the advantage to maintain their lead late in the game. Glenn Robinson scored 36 points and snagged 13 rebounds while leading his team to the upset victory. Ray Allen connected on four of his six three-point shots en route to a 28 point game. Terry Cummings converted on half of his field goal attempts, but his 21 point night was not enough as he received minimal help from the rest of his 84/85 Bucks teammates. The 00/01 Bucks will take on the 71/72 Bucks in the Quarterfinals.

Game 41

With one more Quarterfinal match-up to determine, which one of our bracket busting teams moved on, the 35th seeded 2014/15 Bucks or the 19th seeded 1999/2000 Bucks?

Using an 11-point third quarter advantage, the 99/00 Bucks are the seventh team to punch their ticket to the Quarterfinals. Sam Cassell controlled the offensive flow of the game dishing out 13 assists and contributing with 18 points of his own. Glenn Robinson scored a game-high 23 points and came a rebound shy of recording a double-double. For the midnight-stricken Cinderella 14/15 squad, double-doubles from Giannis Antetokounmpo (18 points and 13 rebounds) and [rubs eyes], uh, Michael Carter-Williams (13 points and 11 assists).

Game 42

The final Round of 16 game was the one our pollsters felt the least confident about. With a 60-40 margin, the people have the Terry Cummings-led 1985/86 Bucks taking down the Marques Johnson-led 1983/84 Bucks. Who won in the battle of 80s stars?

Cummings and Co. won in a landslide! A 41-point first quarter was enough to lift the 85/86 Bucks into the Quarterfinals where they will take on the 1999/2000 Bucks. Cummings and Sidney Moncrief both scored 20+ points, 24 and 21 respectively, that energized the offensive attack. Johnson was the leading scorer for the 83/84 Bucks as he only managed 16 points on 6/16 shooting from the field.

With the Quarterfinals set, here is the updated bottom portion of the bracket:

Looking Ahead to Day 13

Two 70s teams are the favorites in their two games, but can they take care of their respective business and meet-up in the Semifinals?

Here are our first two Quarterfinal match-ups:

Game 43

The 1981/82 Bucks have faced the 40th and 41st seeds on their way to the Quarterfinals, and now they face the tournament’s top seed. Sidney Moncrief and Marques Johnson have been the steady hands leading the offensive attack and not overlooking their so far inferior opponents.

The championship winning 1970/71 Bucks have not exactly coasted to the Quarterfinals, but they are here nonetheless. They won their first two contests by a combined nine points as it appears their opponents are getting extra geared up to take them on.

Is this the round where target gets too heavy on the backs for the 70/71 squad?


Game 43

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  • 9%
    (8) 1981/82
    (5 votes)
  • 90%
    (1) 1970/71
    (49 votes)
54 votes total Vote Now

Game 44

After taking down one Kareem Abdul-Jabbar-led squad, the 2017/18 Bucks get another in the Quarterfinals. Giannis Antetokounmpo has guided the 20th seed to back-to-back upset victories and they are now the lowest seed remaining here in the All-Time Tournament.

Riding a pair of double-doubles from Oscar Robertson and Bob Dandridge, the 1973/74 Bucks overcame a “meh” Abdul-Jabbar performance to get past their Round of 16 opponent.

Can Giannis and Co. take down another early 70s team?


Game 44

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  • 41%
    (20) 2017/18
    (25 votes)
  • 58%
    (5) 1973/74
    (35 votes)
60 votes total Vote Now