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All-Time Tournament: Day 3

The Sports Bank

Day 3 of our All-Time Tourney could not have been more opposite of our Day 2 results. The second day was upset city and close games, today was so chalk-y you would think some poor kid staying inside for recess was cleaning off the chalkboard erasers.

Here is the portion of the bracket that saw the action:

Game 7

With a near unanimous vote of confidence, the 2017/18 Bucks are heavy favorites against the middling team from 1995/96, and present day Giannis Antetokounmpo and company did not disappoint those that believed in them. Note: recall that the 17/18 team is not on quite yet, so we are using the 16/17 roster and adding seven points to the team’s final score since the 17/18 team finished with 14 more ELO points than the 16/17. Half of 14 = 7 — this is all very scientific.

A solid 16 point win sees the 17/18 Bucks off to the next round where they will take on the 1982/83 Bucks squad. Antetokounmpo tallied 19 points, six rebounds, and nine assists while also making a three-pointer! Glenn Robinson had a monster day for the losing side, posting 28 points and grabbing 14 rebounds.

Game 8

The second game of the day featured the 2012/13 Bucks taking on the 2010/11 Bucks. Could the late-season addition of JJ Redick be enough to tip the scales in favor of the 12/13 team?

He could not. For his part, Redick went 3/5 from three-point range and finished with those nine points. Monta Ellis was the game-high scorer as he contributed 28 points for the 12/13 Bucks. The winners saw contributions from everyone in the starting line-up. They were led by Andrew Bogut’s 18 point and 14 rebound night, while also getting three-point contributions from Brandon Jennings (3/5) and John Salmons (2/3). The 10/11 Bucks will match-up with the 1973/74 team.

Game 9

The third and final game of Day 3 consisted of two teams from the 90s, but with rosters that were very different from one another. The 1992/93 Bucks were looking to escape the realm of below-average 90s team that they found themselves in, while the 1998/99 strike-shortened season Bucks are looking to blossom with the first edition of the BIg 3.

The 98/99 Bucks had a solid first quarter and never looked back as the advance to the Round of 32 to take on the 1986/87 Bucks. Ray Allen dropped 20 points and dished out seven assists, while Glenn Robinson’s double-double (18 points and 14 rebounds) helped secure the game for this roster down the stretch. The 92/93 team was led by Todd Day, of all people, with 16 points that saw him go 4/5 from beyond the arc. The lack of scoring from their stars ultimately doomed any chance of an upset for the 92/93 team.

Now that Day 3 is in the books, let’s take a look at the updated bracket:

Looking Ahead to Day 4

The fourth day of the All-Time Tournament features four pre-1980 teams as well as the lowest seeded team in the tournament.

Here are the three games that are on deck:

Game 10

In 1975, the Bucks were entering their second season since saying, au revoir, to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and as expected, the 75/76 team struggled, but trotted out a second-year Brian Winters (18.2 PPG/ 3.2 REB/4.7 AST) and this was the rookie year for Junior Bridgeman (8.6/3.6/1.9). Bob Dandridge (21.5/7.4/2.8) was squarely in his prime and was named to his second consecutive All-Star team.

The 1989/90 Bucks saw big contributions by a trio of 30+ year old veterans. Ricky Pierce (23.0/2.8/2.3), Jack Sikma (13.9/6.9/3.2), and Paul Pressey (11.0/3.0/4.3) summoned their collective savvy and helped propel the Bucks to a 44-38 record. Pierce and Pressey came off the bench, while Sikma, at age 34, started 70 games for the playoff team. Fun fact: future head coaches, Mike Dunleavy (3.4/0.4/2.0) and Larry Krystkowiak (7.0/4.8/1.6), logged a combined 21 appearances.

Can All-Star Dandridge carry the youngsters past the trio of old guys?


Game 10

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  • 52%
    (34) 1975/76
    (24 votes)
  • 47%
    (31) 1989/90
    (22 votes)
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Game 11

It took 11 games for the lowest seeded team to make an appearance, but here they are. The 2013/14 Bucks turned in the worst season in franchise history being the only Bucks team to not win at least 20 games, going 15-67. Brandon Knight (17.9/3.5/4.9) and a second-year Khris Middleton (11.7/2.4/2.2) led the scoring for Milwaukee (Khris shot 41 percent from three, too). The rail thin rookie, Giannis Antetokounmpo (6.8/4.4/1.9), was still an enigma and could also seamlessly hide behind streetlamp posts (probably).

The 1978/79 team was Don Nelson’s third season at the helm of the Bucks, and after making the post-season in his second season, this iteration failed to reach the playoffs, but managed to snag the 15th overall seed in the tournament, which speaks the quality of basketball that was played despite the results. We will have our first Marques Johnson (25.6/7.6/3.0) sighting in the tournament as the second-year player made his first All-Star team this season.

So, do you believe in miracles and that the biggest upset in the Play-in Round will happen?


Game 11

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  • 10%
    (50) 2013/14
    (5 votes)
  • 89%
    (15) 1978/79
    (41 votes)
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Game 12

To their credit, the inaugural season of Bucks basketball was not seeded the lowest. Clocking in at the 47th spot, the 1968/69 squad went 25-47, but a franchise icon was there from the jump. Jon McGlocklin (19.6/4.3/3.9) was the leading man for the new franchise, logging 36 minutes a night and playing in 80 games, Jonny Mac was named to his only All-Star team this season. Flynn Robinson (20.3/3.6/4.9) came over from the Chicago Bulls early in the season and slotted in nicely alongside McGlocklin.

Unlike the 78/79 team, the 1977/78 squad under second-year head coach, Don Nelson, and rookie, Marques Johnson (19.5/10.6/2.4), made the post-season with a 44-38 and even won their opening playoff series against the Phoenix Suns. Brian Winters (19.9/3.1/4.9) made his second, and final, All-Star team this season as he led the Bucks in scoring. Fun roster note: the average age of the seven players to play 80 or more games was 24.

Will Johnny Mac be able to will his inaugural squad past his Fox Sports colleague?


Game 12

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  • 22%
    (47) 1968/69
    (9 votes)
  • 77%
    (18) 1977/78
    (31 votes)
40 votes total Vote Now