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Monday Morning Media Roundup: August 6th, 2018

The “Khris Middleton Appreciation Week” Edition

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Giannis Antetokounmpo is Milwaukee's present and future. Full stop. That cannot be debated.

But, the Summer of 2018 feels like it has been ceded to a whole lot of Khris Middleton coverage. Giannis has popped up with video game covers and really large biceps, but otherwise every week seems to have some new story on what Khris is up to.

Maybe it's just his team being proactive in pushing him as one of the NBA's top talents, but hell, the guy deserves a bit of widespread love, doesn't he? His personality seems to generally lean towards a laid-back outlook on life, but it isn't every year you get to post 20.1 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 4.0 assists in a season of professional basketball. So go ahead Khris (and media outlets), get some of that much deserved love.

Let's roundup!

Khris Middleton: (Re)Setting the Standard (

Former Brew Hooper and current-ESPNer Eric Nehm went DEEP on Khris Middleton's path from Charleston, South Carolina to NBA dominance, and the recollection is quite the read.

What's most remarkable is the consistent theme of, “well, we didn't think he could do THAT” which existed at nearly every stage of his career. Yet, here he is as one of the league's quiet darlings after proving himself in AAU, at Texas A&M, in Detroit, and now in Milwaukee.

I've been a Middleton fan since he arrived as a toss-in during the Brandon Jennings/Knight trade, and hopefully he'll get the chance to crash through another ceiling in helping the Bucks reach post-season success.

Basketball Without Borders ‘not just a job’ - Middleton (ESPN)

While I'm here, I might as well let you know that Khris took part in the NBA's Africa game as part of Team World.

Yes, he posted a forgettable 1-for-6 shooting line, but more importantly he took part in a number of charity events in South Africa assisting in home construction, instructional camps, and the like.

Still, that 16.7% shooting percentage better stay in Johannesburg, Khris.

Jason Kidd expresses interest in coaching Warriors after Steve Kerr (NBC Sports)

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha (times ∞)

Wait, maybe Jason is on to something. Perhaps the only way to stop the Warriors dynasty will be getting Kidd on the inside. Forget my chuckling, I'm fully behind his delusions!

What you need to know about the NBA’s new gambling partnership (ESPN)

I'd be woefully at fault if I overlooked one of the most unlikely stories to emerge in 2018: The NBA's full-on embrace of legalized sports gambling.

The latest twist in the league's campaign to monopolize revenue generated by betting is the exclusive “partnership” with MGM Grand. From what I can tell, the deal won't preclude you from placing bets on basketball games with other bookmakers, but MGM will benefit from a proprietary “data stream” offered by the NBA to help in setting lines and the like.

I'll admit to not being one to gamble even measly amounts on sports (just look at my track-record predicting how the Bucks will do any given week), but it shall be fascinating seeing how the NBA, and thus the Bucks, will incorporate this new aspect of viewership.

Detailed Look At The Milwaukee Bucks 2018-19 Fiserv Forum Primary Court (

With a new building comes a new floor, and last week the Milwaukee Bucks debuted their new home court in full detail.

Gone are the superimposed “Ms” of a few seasons ago, and in is a camouflage-esque border. That detail leaves me befuddled, though I admit to being won over by the continued inclusion of the (personal favorite) Wisconsin state alternate logo and the modern black, cream, blue, and green rainbow where the hoop stanchions will reside.

Word hasn't come out yet what the alternate court will look like, but I'm optimistic they'll be retaining a similar version of the black “Fear the Deer” court from last year.

From the Social Media Realm

I'll just copy+paste my initial take on this terrifying video - “His hand-speed isn’t crazy, and I’d be concerned if someone was able to get inside his reach and pummel up close.

That being said, I would neither A) Want to take one of those crosses on the chin, or B) Let Giannis sink in a rear-naked choke. That's night-night city right there.”

Also, we found out that Giannis’ NBA 2K rating will be a paltry 94 overall. What the heck is that all about?

Just ignore the fact that Pat Connaughton is wearing a ‘Portland’ t-shirt while signing his Bucks contract:

Fear the Deer

A post shared by Pat Connaughton (@planetpat5) on

Quick, someone figure out the cap gymnastics necessary to get Eric Bledsoe to Golden State! Tell them we're willing to take Curry as a toss-in:

More baseball crossover for you America's past-time-loving weirdos:

Insert John Henson bass picture here:

JOB III on the move!

Finally, since we won't have any basketball still for a few months, enjoy this Giannis highlight reel from when he went God-mode to start last season:

So, uhm, what else is there really to talk about? I guess the Green Bay Packers start preseason soon, if you're into that silly sport. Will Aaron Rodgers be able to throw a couple touchdowns this season to some dudes the Packers picked in the 34th round of the draft? Riley's predictive senses say yes!

Since we're now deep into the irrelevant portion of the NBA calendar, expect next week's roundup to be exclusively photos of Donte DiVincenzo awkwardly greeting fans and eating random deep-fried things at the Wisconsin State Fair. Oh, and D.J. Wilson to be mistaken for a local teen while he serves milk at the Bucks’ “Milk House”. At least he'll be the best athletic specimen within a 20 square foot area for the first time in a long time.

Anyways, go out and enjoy a chocolate covered hot dog in an ice cream cone! And, as usual...

Happy Monday!