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Monday Morning Media Roundup: September 10th, 2018

The “We’re Baaaaaack” Edition

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NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Miss me much?

Goodness does it feel good to be back in the saddle once again. Knowing how dedicated my weekly readership is, I know each and every one of you were on pins and needles when you didn’t see a Monday Morning Media Roundup on Labor Day. My excuse? It was a holiday weekend and, critically, time for me to move apartments.

I’ll have you know I was knee-deep in a U-Haul cargo van from 7 PM in the evening until 4 AM the next morning in humidity that’d make you question what it really means to live in the “Midwest”. Given the circumstances a week off in the deadest of NBA offseason dead-zones didn’t seem all that bad, did it?

But, I’m back, and... there still isn’t really much going on. The Bucks haven’t folded as far as I know, Giannis is on the front of the world’s premier basketball videogame, and Donte DiVincenzo still has a regrettable nickname. That didn’t stop me from finding a couple of worthwhile deep cuts for your perusal, so without further ado:

Let’s roundup!

Are We Sure … That the Bucks Aren’t a Finals Contender This Season? (The Ringer)

I’ve made allusions to this, but I've slowly convinced myself that there’s a hyper-realistic chance this Bucks team surprises the hell out of all of us and makes a run at a two or three seed in the East.

In seasons past the organization was held back by executive ineptitude, poor coaching, lackluster talent, and more often than not a combination of all three. Worries remain at the first capacity, but the man calling plays is a clear upgrade and the guy viciously dunking the ball is set to be a MVP finalist.

Why wait another year or two? Let the stars align and let’s win now.

Giannis is going to own the league sooner or later. Why not start this year? (Sports Illustrated)

My positive sentiments about the win potential of the team seeps directly into my optimism about a Giannis Antetokounmpo MVP season. The guy holding the trophy at the end of the year normally has a few things going for him: Undisputed leadership of his team, 50+ wins, crazy statistical averages and a narrative sportswriters can spin plenty of yarn from.

Antetokounmpo’s growth from his rookie year has been nigh astronomical and it’d only feel right for him to cap it off with recognition as an All-World talent in his age 24 season.

Skourtopoulos: “If Giannis could, he would play in the FIBA World Cup qualifiers” (Eurohoops)

Not worrying about Giannis spending time this summer grinding out games against scrappy Bulgarian opponents will certainly help me rest easy at night.

Thanasis Skourtopoulos, the Greek national team’s coach, is understandably upset that Giannis will not take part in FIBA World Cup qualifiers this year. Any team that could normally rely on Antetokounmpo’s presence would be hard-pressed to paper over his absence. Greece should be able to survive without Giannis at the helm; as long as we can avoid active sniping over Giannis’s health and “desire” to represent his country on the international stage, I’ll consider this a summer of success.

As demolition of the Bradley Center begins, Bucks ponder new uses for the site (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

As we bid adieu to the Bradley Center (and it goes up in literal smoke), it’ll be fascinating what the Billionaire Ownership Team have in mind for the soon-empty lot. They’ll have a tidy little space in a part of town with plenty of possibilities, so don’t be surprised when they opt to construct some high-end apartment buildings and two to three Starbucks shops. Downtown revitilization!

The Killers, Violent Femmes, Fiserv Forum shine at first Fiserv Forum show (Milwaukee Record)

Wanted to throw this one in there as an evaluation of the Fiserv Forum as a venue for activities beyond basketballing. Thank goodness, it seems like the building pulled through in its opening show featuring the Violent Femmes and The Killers.

Large spaces like the Forum can easily feature subpar acoustics making live shows a stagnant experience. The arena passed with flying colors on the sound and lightshow, and we can rest assured that the general walkaround experience is a wonderful during a concert as it was for those able to make the Open House a few weeks back.

From the Social Media Realm

Shameless plug of part one of our “player goals” podcast from last week in preparation for part two's drop later today. (I may or may not have blindly advocated for an Ersan-Thon forward tandem at some point while recording)

I, uh... I mean... why?

D’Angelo Russell better be ready to feature on a poster this year:

Marques Johnson out here giving the SB Nation mothership a history lesson:

I legitimately laughed out loud at 1) The absurd caption and 2) The absurd nature of the images:

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The Summer of Lifting Giannis continues:

Even on his honeymoon, our very own Kyle Carr is never far away from breaking big news wide open (congrats on the getting married thing, Kyle!):

Not much worth prognosticating about this week, so I'll take a moment to send condolences to Packers fans everywhere about a disappointing start to the regular season (note: this was written as Aaron Rodgers just hobbled off the field), and congrats to all Minnesota Golden Gopher fans celebrating a 2-0 start to the year!

Only 36 days until the Bucks season begins. It certainly can't get here quick enough.

Happy Monday!