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Monday Morning Media Roundup: September 24th, 2018

The “Monday Morning Media Day Media Roundup” Edition

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Cleveland Cavaliers Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The band is back in town and it just feels so right.

Festivities will begin on at 11 AM Central today where you'll be able to watch a live stream of Media Day festivities. Jim Paschke will ask questions of what players did over the offseason, John Henson will reveal that he's been shooting 20 threes a day in practice in order to “change his game,” and Thon Maker will be yelling unintelligibly just out of frame.

We probably won't be learning much in the way of specifics of what to expect from the team this season, but there's something enjoyable about seeing the team edge ever closer to meaningful basketball. And, by extension, all of Bucks fandom waits in anticipation to tear itself to pieces through passionate internal strife.

Let's roundup!

Giannis Antetokounmpo Q&A: Life as an NBA Superstar and Brand Salesman (Sports Illustrated)

“Giannis will be featured in a campaign for JBL called “Sounds of the City” and he is currently developing a track that’s about his love for Milwaukee...” *swoons*

I'm not the type to purchase one good or another because a public figure endorses it, but that won't stop me from appreciating Giannis Antetokounmpo’s ever-rising global star. The personality is there, the story is there, and, thanks to social media, “being in Milwaukee” is no longer the death-knell to stardom that it might have once been.

Giannis goes one-on-one with Jim Paschke (

Normally the above videos would get slotted in to the social media section of the MMR, but it's Giannis for goodness sake.

The best part about all these interviews are the quotes used to hype them up which make him sound like something out of a Terminator film. If making thinly-veiled illusions to the lack of playoff success the team has had since he arrived also inspires the team to greater heights out of fear of a disappointed Giannis, I can't help but endorse the blunt talk.

The Best Frontcourt Duos in the Eastern Conference, Ranked (The Ringer)

Here's one to get the pessimists going: If you thought Khris Middleton was being overrated nationally before, then take a seat and a deep breath as I tell you that Jonathan Tjarks has ranked he and Giannis as the East's best frontcourt pairing.

You could quibble with characterizing this pair as “frontcourt” players, and, if you're being a traditionalist you may like Joel Embiid and Dario Saric a bit better, but I won't look a September gift horse in the mouth. Having the seventh-best backcourt pairing will help keep you grounded, but being the best in anything in a top-heavy Eastern Conference is an occasion for celebration.

NBArank top 10: Predicting the absolute best players this season (ESPN)

Unlike those uninformed #haterz over at Sports Illustrated, ESPN has done the absolute correct thing and ranked Giannis as... tied for fourth-best player in global basketball.

At least the guy he's in a dead-heat with is none other than Kevin Durant. Unfortunately for him we've now reached the point where people will begin to openly wonder whether a 24 year-old will be able to “carry” a team and if he is a “winner”. The hot take engine will build you up and spit you out eventually; it was only a matter of when, not if, Giannis would be its next victim.

From the Social Media Realm

As a Twin Cities resident, I should let you all know that I've seen this man on no fewer than three sports segments on local news. He also goes by “Doogie”. Make of that what you will:

Today in “regrettable outfit decisions of the past”:

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Tbt.. me and big dawg @illwill1332 looking alive

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Treyvon Duval and Jay Morris are off to flying starts in their time in Milwaukee:

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The next generation of Maddens have been effectively conned into being Bucks fans:


Some Bucks paywall content for you to look at if you've got some cash on-hand:

Where are we thinking Jimmy Butler will end up? He's been excused from Timberwolves media day and it sounds like team owner Glen Taylor is about to personally take over trade negotiations. Having thought on it for a few days I'm a bit reluctant to throw a potentially explosive personality into the mix, especially one with Tom Thibodeau miles on his legs. The math makes the most sense for the Los Angeles Clippers, but it doesn't seem like there's much momentum heading towards any particular team.

Enough about Minnesota, though. Training camp is here, and preseason is a little over a week away. The Bucks are back and I, for one, am ready for their return.

Happy Monday!