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The Brew Hoop Podcast Episode 8: Media Day Wrap-up and Season Table Setting

Diving into what to glean on media day and a broader discussion of what this upcoming season may mean to the franchise

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The season is nearly upon us, so with one last podcast to fill before having actual games to discuss, we dove into some big picture topics surrounding this upcoming season. First though, we touch on what, if anything, there was to draw from a relatively demure Media Day. As per usual, the relatively juiciest stuff came from questions with ownership and the coach/GM combo onstage. The players offered modest returns on their early impressions of Bud, but beyond that, no real revelations.

Afterwards, we take this one last chance to draw in a big breath and try to set up some of the stakes for this upcoming season. The overarching question we try to draw from is simple: Is this team on the path to championship contention. Of course a broad question will draw broad answers, but we try to break it down into some form of specifics. We dive into whether Budenholzer’s hire is a symbol of change on the part of ownership, how much development should factor into young players finding their way to the court, what part of team success should lie on Giannis’ shoulders and try to parcel out how much closer this team is to a championship than when Edens and Lasry took over many moons ago.

As always, we can’t thank you enough for listening and would love to hear your thoughts on these broad topics in the comments below. Make sure to subscribe and review us on iTunes too if you like the pod.

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