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Bucks vs Cavaliers Preview: Milwaukee Seeks Comfortable Victory Over Cavaliers

Hopefully I have fingernails left after this one...

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Orlando Magic
Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

In an attempt to cope with the Milwaukee Bucks’ loss to the Miami Heat, my dejected fan conscious told me it may have been for the best. This year is going to be a grind, maybe one that lasts until June. Why not work out the kinks early, and what team is better to correct errors against than a run-in-the-mill Cleveland Cavaliers team.

Bucks Update

As alluded to, the Bucks lost to the Heat in overtime on Saturday. Tonight will be a bounce-back game that, assuming things didn’t veer too far off course on Saturday, favors Milwaukee. They’ll look to integrate their bench tonight and clean up the sloppiness that was painfully evident on Saturday.

To be frank, it’s the Cavs. Milwaukee just can’t shoot themselves in the foot.

Player To Watch: Giannis Antetokounmpo

There’s a few messes the MVP needs to clean up tonight: A.) He fouled out of the first two games of the season. There has been only nail-biters so far this year, and he needs to be in the game when it counts. B.) Giannis coughed up the rock eight times against the Heat, adding to a grand total of 11 turnovers on the season. Shaving off a turnover (or five) could mean the difference between overtime and a 15-point victory. C.) In case you didn’t have a mental breakdown of your own while watching the Heat game, Giannis did shoot 0-5 . from deep. Less threes — if not for the team’s sake, then for mine — would be beneficial.

Cavs Update

Surprisingly, the Cavs aren’t too stagnant after LeBron’s departure a few years back, as their identity has quickly morphed into something somewhat exciting. Their young core of Collin Sexton and Darius Garland (not on the Players to Watch, but you should anyway) have an entire backcourt to mature in, and so far they’ve been effective on the stat sheet. And with a 1-1 record this season (a loss to the Orlando Magic and a win over the Indiana Pacers), the Cavs should be in the conversation for a playoff berth.

Player To Watch: Tristan Thompson

After an injury in the back half of last season, rest and recovery provided Thompson with some extra spring in his step. Through two games, he’s posting 20.5 points, reeling in 12 rebounds and swatting away two shots a night. He’ll put up numbers tonight, surely, but if he can defend Brook Lopez on the perimeter then the Cavs could be the third team in a row to trade haymakers with Milwaukee.


Game 3: Against Cleveland, the Bucks will...

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