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Monday Morning Media Roundup: October 7th, 2019

The “We Talking ‘Bout Practice” Edition

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NBA: Milwaukee Bucks-Media Day Milwaukee Journal-USA TODAY NETWORK

It ain’t much, but we’ll take it.

Scrimmages that take place behind closed doors are somewhat mystical to us average folks; who knows what kinds of dunks Giannis could be unleashing on Luke Maye? It takes on a whole different life when there are living breathing people filling thousands of seats and taking in the show — or at least it feels like it does.

In honor of Sunday’s public scrimmage we’ll start this week’s roundup with a recap from the outing, some modern player poetry, and a little over/under action.

Let’s roundup!

Middleton, Bledsoe lead the way past Antetokounmpo-led squad in Bucks scrimmage, plus four other takeaways (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Yesterday’s public scrimmage was 13,000 fan affair and the first chance we had to get a glimpse of the new-look Bucks. Nothing serious in the least should be gleaned from what is a less-glamorous All-Star Game, but... Donte DiVincenzo sure did look healthy, didn’t he?

What was most impressive of all was how well end-of-the-bench guys like Jaylen Adams and Cam Reynolds played within the free flowing offense. Both consistently sunk threes home when left open by collapsed defenses. A roster-changing development? Probably not, but exciting that even the deepest pieces look ready to contribute when called upon.

Why You Should Watch the Milwaukee Bucks (The Ringer)

This is, in it’s purest form, the highest level of basketball poetry being written in 2019. “Brook and Robin Lopez at a Dave & Buster’s playing Time Crisis 3 for two hours” is one of the best lines uttered by a human in a long long time.

Lowe: NBA’s 30 teams rated from top contenders to bottom tier (ESPN)

You won’t have to scroll down all that far to stumble upon Milwaukee’s spot in this tiering by Zach Lowe. Rightfully, he has them placed in the top contender category, though he isn’t shy about his concerns about just how effective the new-look roster will be in filling the place Malcolm Brogdon once held.

All that really matters is how an adjusted approach works against the East’s other threat in the Philadelphia 76ers. So much size and length could prove a challenge, or Giannis could just laugh in their faces and decimate every arm-heavy triple team thrown his way.

Even Lowe was unable to prevent dropping a reference to the widely-expected “wave of pressure” that shall quickly mount on Milwaukee’s back if it hasn’t started to already. The vultures circle nearer.

The two possible futures of Giannis Antetokounmpo (ESPN)

Speaking of, this week’s edition of Vulture Squawk comes from Tim Bontempts over at ESPN doing his best attempt to muse what a world where Giannis stays looks like v. one where he leaves. Color the piece pretty unimpressive without any new angles, but even the ostensibly non-”talking heads” at the Network are already mining what could be the barest vein of basketball story ore in a long time.

Join us here next week for the latest in Vulture Squawk.

These 6 NBA teams will hit the under on their projected win total (SB Nation)

A little over/under for your consumption as we close a relatively light content week regarding the Bucks. With Milwaukee’s line set at 56.5 it’s tough to argue solidly one way or another with 100% confidence. The Bucks returned a huge chunk of the 60-win team of a year ago, but the vets are a little older and the opponents have had a year to prep themselves to face down Milwaukee’s buzzsaw.

I’d take the under with it not mattering much as the Bucks secure the top seed in the East again, but I wouldn’t be shocked if an over is in order.

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Not bad for a team that was flatlining just a few years ago

Some good solid and definitely reassuring stuff here

Top-notch content from the Bucks here

For those who aren’t accustomed to the MMMR format, welcome! This is the part where I set up the week ahead and the slate of games the Bucks have coming their way. With preseason officially beginning tonight, let’s round it up one last time.

Things begin on the road in Chicago tonight against the Bulls at 7 PM. The Bucks return to Milwaukee to host the Utah Jazz on Wednesday, October 9th, and then hit the road Friday the 11th and Sunday the 13th to play the Dallas Mavericks and Washington Wizards respectively.

It’s tough to tell just how many minutes the starters will get versus backups, but we can all be thankful that something resembling actual basketball has returned to our lives.

Happy Monday!