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25 Things Milwaukee Bucks Fans Can Be Thankful For

Grab a plate of turkey, mac and cheese and stuffing while reading

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Milwaukee Bucks Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

For this Thanksgiving, I debated how to approach this article. I was wavering between sentimental, serious and satire; but after writing a few drafts, I figured lets just throw it all together and create a list of things I am thankful for with this Milwaukee Bucks team.

  1. Herb Kohl: While motives of 8th seed or bust were extremely flawed, he made sure whoever owned the team after him would keep the Bucks in Milwaukee.
  2. Marc Lasry, Wes Edens, & Jamie Dinan: We can always argue about the inability to spend, the nepotism, and the shambolic governor/GM search. But they kept the Bucks in Milwaukee, brought a new practice facility and arena, created an entertainment district and have made the necessary moves to have Milwaukee be a championship contender.
  3. Jon Horst: There were plenty of questions on who he was and why he got the job over other candidates. Horst has answered those doubts and made us eat crow; letting Jabari walk, trading Greg Monroe and bringing in Eric Bledsoe, relieving Milwaukee of a dire cap situation by offloading bad contracts like Delly and John Henson, signing Brook Lopez. Oh, and firing Jason Kidd just to put the icing on the cake; not bad for the Executive of the Year.
  4. Mike Budenholzer: For the wonderful faces he makes that we can meme all day everyday. Also bringing a modern offense that Milwaukee desperately needed.
  5. John Hammond: Drafting Giannis, trading Brandon Jennings for Khris Middleton; that will always make me thankful.
  6. Giannis Antetokounmpo: I could probably write a whole separate article, but man Giannis is just so special.
  7. Khris Middleton: A great number two, great but frustrating, overpaid or under-appreciated, always a divisive topic. But he has been loyal to the franchise and he still compliments Giannis well considering he was just a trade-in.
  8. Eric Bledsoe: He wants to be here and he tries his best all the time.....even if sometimes he’s doing too much. Please do well in the playoffs Eric...
  9. Brook Lopez: For first being a 7-foot Steph Curry, to now being a menacing rim defender. Also letting his Disney obsession not get him in trouble with some petty chiefs.
  10. George Hill: To showing shotgunning beer is a talent, and embarrassing the Boston Celtics.
  11. Sterling Brown: For always being ready both in terms of basketball skills and ready to trash talk in your face. I also am thankful that he continues to fight against the Milwaukee Police Department for their unfair and abusive treatment of him.
  12. Donte DiVincenzo: For making me feel smart for having faith in you. Yeah, the doing stuff is nice, but now it’s translating into a complementary bench player for a championship contending team. Also for being the centerpiece for Donte’s Inferno.
  13. D.J. Wilson: Keep up the Instagram content.
  14. Robin Lopez/Ersan Ilyasova/Kyle Korver/Wes Matthews: For buying in and chasing that ring. I guess I am thankful that Robin Lopez showed sometimes there is a limit to how far you should go to get memorabilia...
  15. Jabari Parker/Malcolm Brogdon: While neither are still on the Bucks, both were great people that helped the community.
  16. Eric Nehm/Matt Velazquez: For the continuous grind of covering the team and providing the content we need. Couldn’t imagine doing that for almost 100 games.
  17. Dr. Dave Margolis: For being a fantastic super fan and using your platform and career for the greater good in the Milwaukee area. Keep on waving, the fans need it.
  18. Bucks Twitter: For being the annoying sibling that drives me up a wall, but I truly do appreciate.
  19. Mitchell & Adam: Taking a chance to let me join the staff, have me run twitter for a hot second and somehow thinking I do it well.
  20. Riley Feldmann: My podcast partner in crime and friend, thanks for having my back and being equally as petty towards other teams.
  21. Andrew/Riley B/Brian/Dakota: All of you are so talented it’s wonderful to see!
  22. The BH readers and commenters: For keeping me on my toes, reading and commenting on my articles. Always providing feedback while staying true to yourselves. The dedication is awesome to see.
  23. Dorks, peasants and the haters: If you’re reading this, thanks for the clicks and letting me live rent free in your head I guess.
  24. My parents: Getting me season tickets when I was young, taking me to games, having me fall in love with the Milwaukee Bucks and using the games as a cheap alternative to a babysitter during the 90s and 00s.
  25. My wife Emma: She’s probably not reading this at all, but I just have to let everyone else know. She didn’t know or care about the Milwaukee Bucks when we first started dating, now she has gotten into the team and will watch the games, debate about them at family reunions and gets just as passionate about them as I do. Only, she doesn’t get into Twitter arguments, which I should try and learn to do. She has handled me writing, tweeting, periscoping, spending hundreds of hours on this and has backed me the whole time. If anyone reading this has loved ones that support them in following this team, be thankful for that.

So let us know what you are thankful for in the comments regarding the Milwaukee Bucks. I could have added more but I think you’ve spent enough of your holiday time on me. Happy Thanksgiving.