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Monday Morning Media Roundup: November 4th, 2019

The “Theft, theft, and more theft” Edition

NBA: Preseason-Minnesota Timberwolves at Milwaukee Bucks Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports

Theft: It comes in all shapes and sizes often successfully occurring when it is least expected. The Milwaukee Bucks found themselves in the midst of two cases of theft this week, each unforeseen, each awaiting resolution in a way satisfactory to the demands of societal morality.

The first theft was committed not by a Buck, but saw a Buck end up the recipient of the stolen goods. Robin Lopez, newcomer, twin, and general weirdo got caught up in an Orlando-based sting that saw his ownership of the clothing to a Disney animatronic named “Buzzy” called into question. Not because he stole Buzzy’s uniform and wore it around his apartment, but because he knew a guy who knew a guy who said that what they were selling wasn’t stolen. Solid job fact-checking on that one, Robin. Definitely doesn’t call your judgement into question.

The second case is far more serious and one whose consequences have yet to be decided: That of Wes Matthews stealing a starting spot from Sterling Brown solely on the logic of, well, let’s be honest, he was probably promised it to lure him to Milwaukee on a minimum deal.

This theft is complicated in that it involves something intangible and multiple actors. Wes couldn’t have stolen it alone, he needed the support of someone(s) higher up. We saw what Sterling was capable of as a starter late in last year’s regular season and during the first round of the playoffs. Instead of being rewarded for that effort and leaning out over the offseason Sterling arrived a month ago and... 33 year-old slow Tony Snell was given his spot simply because.

How will it be resolved? Unknown, though very recent developments would seem to bode ill for Matthews getting away with thievery in such a blatant manner. If he wants exoneration in the court of my mind’s opinion I’ll need to see something more than a guy routinely dribbling the ball at 2.5 MPH on a fast-break.

Let’s roundup!

Rumor: Chris Paul would like to play for Milwaukee Bucks (NBC Sports)

First-take: Blergh

Second-take: Even more blergh

A few things on the possibility of Chris Paul as a Buck: He is currently 34 years old and most assuredly outside of his prime. He is set to make close to eleventy billion dollars over the next three seasons. He is notoriously curmudgeonly and hard to work with. He was moved by the Houston Rockets in extremely unique circumstances in which the ship was sinking anyhow, so why not move the deck chairs a little bit to pretty things up. He provides increasingly diminishing returns in playoff basketball as the seasons go by.

Also, if Giannis gives any indication to management that he is not coming back to Milwaukee after this deal, you bring CP3 in and watch it all burn in one last blaze of glory.

Disney+ Developing Feature Film About Milwaukee Bucks’ ‘Greek Freak’ Giannis Antetokounmpo (Deadline)

From the producer of the ultra violent “300”, and the writers of the immersive “A Private War” comes a film about a Greek youth who dared to dream...

Available on yet another streaming service soon.

NBA player Robin Lopez unknowingly bought stolen Disney World items, records show (Orlando Sentinel)


Let this serve as a reminder that everyone is capable of being scammed, it’s just that you get scammed for more money as your income grows. If you graphed it out it’d be something like a straight growth line.

The Milwaukee Bucks have the most dead money on payroll in the NBA (Hoops Hype)

Putting this here as a reminder that this is a team competing for championships while self-binding themselves with $21 million in dead money payments sitting on the cap. They only get so much credit having done it to themselves, but still, impressive.

Top 50 G League Players For 2019-20 Season: #50-41 (Ridiculous Upside)

When it comes to G-League expertise, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone as informed as Dakota Schmidt. He just began his exercise ranking the top 50 G-League players which gives us a chance to reacclimate ourselves with names to know in the minor league and get a feel for how some Wisconsin Herd players size up.

Cam Reynolds, one of the Bucks’s two-way players, makes the cut at #41.

The Social Media Section

I was extremely remiss to have forgotten to throw this bad boy on last week’s edition, but better late than never!

Some critical one-on-one interviewing between Jim Paschke and Giannis

I thought this was a really cool feature for FS Wisconsin to include as part of the broadcast; good on them and good on @InterpretedByBC

Makes you think


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MMMR 2019-2020 Prediction Record: 1-5

retired janitor’s 2019-2020 Prediction Record: 4-2

That’s right, I’ve finally relented and will now use renowned site member retired janitor as a stand-in for the Bucks current record compared to whatever the hell shots in the dark I’m taking. Reminder: I’d be the worst sports gambler in the history of ever.

Another four game stretch lies ahead with the added wrinkle of a West Coast road trip. The Bucks begin tonight in my home of Minneapolis, Minnesota to face the Timberwolves, go to LA to play the Clippers Wednesday, shoot into the Rockies Friday for the Utah Jazz, and finish on Sunday in OKC.

Lord help me, I’m going 2-2 again. Wins against the KAT-less Wolves and the eminently dunk-on-able Utah Jazz wouldn’t surprise, and losses to the Clips and Thunder as Kawhi shows out and Chris Paul does his best trade audition feel preordained.

Happy Monday!