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Monday Morning Media Roundup: December 16th, 2019

The “One for the Record Books” Edition

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Milwaukee Bucks Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The ‘24-1’ t-shirts the Bucks printed out when the Warriors came to town a few years ago were a fun story. It’s not often a professional team can survive 24 consecutive match-ups and come away flawless, much less 25 times, and on a cold winter evening the Bucks put paid to Golden State’s impressive streak.

Who will it be who finally stops Milwaukee? Will it be as meaningful for that franchise as it was (and kinda sorta) continues to be for the Bucks as a fun point of reference?

Until that team is found we can bask in the glory of a reallllllly long stretch of wins. At 18 in a row, these Bucks are just two off from matching the franchise record 20-straight set in the 1970-71 campaign. That venerable team would go on to win the city’s lone championship, and now we’re inexplicably knocking on the door of re-writing the record books.

Just have to get by the LeBron James guy. Shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Let’s roundup!

The Bucks Are Scoring Fast (

Thought this was an interesting place to begin if only because it’s the biggest piece of true statistical breakdown on offer here. Writer Alex Boeder jumps into the math behind Milwaukee’s league-leading pace and how deadly of a tool it is.

Conceptually, it makes a ton of sense: You’ve got a talent who can bludgeon his way to points in half-court sets, but is better suited to using his superior body control while defenders struggle to stay in contact with him. Then you get to double-dip thanks to said player’s gravity which gives everyone around him a shot at exploiting the new-found space.

Of course, you need players who can actually execute in that kind of controlled chaos; luckily, Milwaukee has the staff to do just that, making the transition a veritable hammer with which to break opponents down possession by possession.

Sacramento Kings and Milwaukee Bucks to participate in basketball games at prisons (The Undefeated)

File this under “interesting and worthwhile”. The Bucks and Kings have already partnered up in the past regarding issues of social justice, and now the teams will be taking that connection and going a step further with this initiative. For Milwaukee, Sterling Brown and George Hill will be taking part as coaches for basketball games organized for the event and presumably will take part in similar conversations on the American criminal justice system that Kings forward Trevor Ariza is attending in Sacramento.

It seems that the two teams are just the first of many who will be taking part, but given the franchise’s recent history of championing causes like this it isn’t surprising to see the Bucks on the ground floor.

The Bucks’ winning streak, in context (SB Nation) & Why the Bucks don’t miss Malcolm Brogdon, at least not yet (SB Nation)

Two pretty good pieces, especially the one featuring He Who Shall Not Be Named by Mike Prada. It’s easy in the midst of all this winning to overlook just how gosh-dang impressive the team has been, even after last season’s amazing output.

Malcolm Brogdon.

Andrew Bogut on life in Milwaukee and the injury that changed everything (Pick & Roll)

Wanted to include this for all the big Bogut fans out there and because I was derelict in my duties a few weeks ago when Kane Pitman had the pleasure of hosting Andrew on Locked on Bucks.

It’s both a good read and a good listen, and I suggest you digest both if you can/want to.

The Milwaukee Bucks will either be legends or tragic figures in 2020, with no in between (

This one makes the cut if only because I believe this is Golf Digest’s debut here on the MMMR/Brew Hoop. In addition, it looks like they include a link to Giannis’s golf swing which they describe as ‘AWFUL’. Exciting!

NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo showed off his best WWE moves before the Milwaukee Bucks’ 17th straight win (

Hey, two debuts in one week! I can almost certainly guarantee the Greatest Entertainment Company in the World hasn’t made the cut in the past, and this is really just click-bait disguising an ESPN tweet, but still, we’ve made it y’all.

Vulture Talk

An amazing clip, an amazing delivery, an amazing plan

The Social Media Section

Innnnnnnnnnnnnteresting (this was from a Zach Lowe/Adrian Wojnarowski ESPN special)

All the highlights from Eric’s 30th. NOTE: You must watch the full Giannis clip.

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90’s a vibe ! HBD to my guy @thebledshow

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Brook Lopez is good at the defense

I love this. Just straight up bait to get the clicks. Good for him.

This did not age well

This clip got dark, quick

Uh... I thought baseball was over with for the year?

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My guys❤️

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Good to see Donte & Malcolm sharing the court one last time for a good cause

MMMR 2019-2020 Prediction Record: 17-10

retired janitor’s 2019-2020 Prediction Record: 24-3

For a second there on Friday night I was convinced I’d been led astray. Convinced that all the stock tips and insider trading in the world had backfired on me. Convinced that the greats like Kant, Fichte, and Hegel himself had abandoned me and the Milwaukee Bucks.

Then Giannis Antetokoumpo spent 8 minutes pushing Jaren Jackson Jr. around like he was a mere child allowing the Bucks to win by double-digits anyhow.

This week was supposed to feature two very legitimate challenges to Milwaukee’s unbeaten streak until Luka Doncic decided he’d rather suffer a painful sprain instead of be exposed as a fraud. So, the Bucks will wax the Mavericks tonight and set the stage for a showdown with the Lakers on Thursday. After that there’s a trip to New York to play the Knicks Saturday before getting back to Milwaukee for Malcolm Brogdon Bowl pt. 2 Sunday.

Heck, why not? The Bucks are going to wax the Mavs, embarrass the Lakers, obliterate the Knicks back to the Stone Age, and... lose to the Pacers. I said it and will promptly regret it seven days from now.

Happy Monday!