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Rapid Recap: Bucks 119, Clippers 91

Milwaukee has now won 14 straight games

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

14 games. That’s how many games the Milwaukee Bucks have now won in a row, as the Los Angeles Clippers couldn’t find a way to stop the Deer.

It’d be an ugly start for both teams in this one (Milwaukee would go 0-for-6 from deep to begin), but eventually, a pair of Pat Connaughton threes would rev up the Bucks and the crowd. The Bench Mob would do their job and help grant Milwaukee a 15 point lead after the end of one, 30-15.

Los Angeles would start the second quarter on the right foot, quickly embarking on a 7-0 run. A timeout would help the Bucks regroup, as they maintained their lead throughout the quarter. At halftime, the Bucks would lead, 52-43.

Then, the third quarter would roll around — and this is where Milwaukee landed their punches. A 20+ point lead would quickly balloon, led by a slew of points from...*checks notes*...Ersan Ilaysova, who scored nine points in just seven minutes. Heading into the fourth, Milwaukee commanded an 87-62 lead.

They’d maintain that lead and grow it even more in the fourth, all with both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George still on the floor. Los Angeles was sleepwalking and couldn’t find a single answer. The final damage ended up resulting in a 119-91 Bucks victory.

Stat That Stood Out

I really could go a lot of ways here, but let’s give this one to the Big Ragu. One of the signifying characteristics of this Bucks team is their ability to go all out, and the hustle that Donte DiVincenzo brings to the court is second to nobody. Coming into tonight, he was Milwaukee’s leader in steals at 1.4 per game. He was all over the floor again this evening, concluding his night with four steals. Bud has praised his anticipation numerous times before, and this was just another shining example. Every time there’s a ball on the floor, Donte’s there. It seems as if he’s lurking in every crevasse, just waiting for that next pass. He’s an absolute thrill to watch.