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The Brew Hoop Podcast Episode 17: The Marvelous Mr. Mirotic

How Nikola Mirotic’s arrival may, or may not, have shifted our playoff expectation for Milwaukee

NBA: Orlando Magic at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

After a several week hiatus, The Brew Hoop Podcast is back, and whoo boy is there plenty to talk about with this Milwaukee Bucks squad. The arrival of Nikola Mirotic was Milwaukee’s addition to a frenetic trade deadline for the top of the East. Does this move ultimately change our perception of the Bucks ceiling? And which of the East foes pose the greatest threat to Milwaukee’s chance at reaching the finals. Lastly, we touch on how Mirotic adds to the Bucks’ flexibility this summer, but also the mounting number of player decisions that will have to be made. How the Bucks organization will balance regular season vs. Playoff success remains up in the air, but we do our best to work through it together.

Other topics include the forgettable Orlando loss (sorry, that one’s on me, folks), the All-Star celebrity game, Riley’s choice to ignore the weekend altogether and a brief preview of the games ahead for the Bucks.

Plus, we tease some exciting new developments coming to the Brew Hoop Podcast feed. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more news on that and make sure to subscribe or review the pod on iTunes if you’re so inclined. Thanks as always for listening.

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