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Site Announcement: Introducing the Revamped Brew Hoop Podcast Feed

Including a new show within the same old feed

As many of you know, Kyle, Riley and I embarked on a reincarnation of The Brew Hoop Podcast that’s considered hallowed ground. We’ve done our best to put our own spin on it in the months since it started, and we’ve appreciated your feedback and listenership as we tried to figure it out ourselves. Now, as we teased on the last episode, the same old Brew Hoop podcast feed you know and love will be getting a new paint job.

What does that mean for you loyal subscribers? First, you don’t need to change a thing with your subscription to the Brew Hoop feed. Most importantly, you will get more piping hot pod content from Brew Hoopers. Kyle, Riley and I are taking our show weekly and (drum roll please) Brian will be hosting his own weekly show focused on the type of individual game breakdown and analysis he’s been doing on the site. Our show will be dropping on Mondays and look for Brian’s “Bucks Film Room” iterations regularly on today! Taking a page out of U2’s creepy Apple album appearance, Brian’s inaugural show should be waiting for you in your favorite podcast app. Here’s what he’s focusing on this week:

  • The Bucks path to the top seed in the Eastern Conference.
  • How to recognize the Bucks “drop” pick-and-roll coverage and what it means against the Celtics.
  • The rant of the week featuring Giannis Antetokounmpo’s “pending” free agency.

In full disclosure, this is very much an in-process endeavor. We may be trying a few different things out over the coming weeks, and as always, we would love to hear your feedback whenever possible. Our job is to entertain and serve you, the readers, so we hope you’ll stick around for the ride and let us know your thoughts and opinions as the feed evolves. Please rate and review us if you enjoy the pod, and tell your friends too. As always, thanks for listening.