Giannis and the Greek mentality

Hi everybody

As a Greek person that actually lives in Greece there are some topics i would like to share with all of You.I'll try to make it short to the point ( but i don't really know if i can actually do it)

If you have watched "finding Giannis" you might have notice that Giannis was sleeping in the gym trying to save energy from going back home. In a way he was home.That same thing happened when he arrived in Milwaukee.

Fact No 1 : He embraced the place as his new home

Have you heard the story that when he received his first paycheck he send all his money, Literally ALL HIS PAYCHECK without a second thought (He did it because his Family was straggling Financially), and right after he was trying to arrive to the gym ON FOOT. A lady helped him on the way, offering a car drive, something that is beyond his craziest expectations to actually happen. I believe that moment he said to himself: I WANT TO LIVE HERE.Its not really difficult to understand his ''between the Lines" words that shouts constantly every given opportunity.He LIKES the town just because somehow you made him feel like home.

Fact No 2 : Money is not as important, family IS.

He is a fan of something himself also. I believe he became a Milwaukee Bucks fan, acknowledging the support he received that NEVER HAPPENED. or expected, up to the moment this team not only BELIEVED but did also INVESTED in him. Yes he likes Milwaukee, the team.the situation he is in. etc... BUT, Imagine that he actually lives THE dream ( using his words ) everyday, a dream FAR BEYOND his wildest dream. He is given the keys of the Franchise and became one of the faces in the NBA if not the face to be. Combine all that and simply ask yourself if you where living your dream in a situation like that, would you even consider changing ?

Fact No 3 : He doesn't want to change anything, there is no need to.

SUM: He is home with his family living a dream he never dreamed so big. EVERYDAY. Nobody leaves that.

Dirk did so in Dallas.Still playing there today. If i was Johnie Horst i would let him know the big picture, give a him a contract, blank, singed by the owners with a tik on the ''no trade'' and ask him to complete it with years, money and whatever needs to be there. Giannis would probably give him back, singed, a very serious discount with all the options given back under team control, including the ''no trade'' . HE IS THAT KIND OF A PERSON.

As an NBA fan my beloved players from old times are Magic, Clyde , Ralph Sampson and Kareem. His story brought the Milwaukee bucks under my radar at first. I Lost my interest during the bad boys followed by the Jordan era (never liked him). Giannis was the reason, for me, to be back checking NBA 5 years ago. Milwaukee bucks is the center of my interest for those long years. I am enjoying the success that my Favorite team is having at the moment and as a greedy fan i want more, why not all. Here in Greece my beloved team wears Boston Celtics colors and logo, i never liked them though.

As a Bucks fan, i do check posts and comments daily, recently i decided to open an account and maybe post something.

this is the first ever post written with rusty English, so thank you all for reading my ''loud thoughts''. Grateful for your patience with my probably awful grammar too.

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