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Site Announcement: Giannis Antetokounmpo All-Star Shirt Available from BreakingT

Immortalize Giannis’ first All-Star Captaincy

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Giannis Antetokounmpo just makes everything a delight, including the second-ever All-Star draft that was televised on TNT. Between showing an impressive amount of loyalty by returning the favor to Stephen Curry and selecting Khris Middleton first among the reserves, he even managed to jab LeBron James with a tampering joke. To commemorate the #squad that Giannis pulled together, BreakingT has launched another in their line of fandom-focused t-shirts for purchase.

Some may find LeBron’s team more stacked, but for my money, Giannis’ team is chock-full of characters ready to prove themselves. Giannis always plays hard, Kemba Walker will be out to prove himself among the best of the best, Paul George is just a bad, bad man, and Stephen Curry/Joel Embiid will be running some nasty pick-and-roll. Regardless, this is the perfect opportunity to immortalize the fact this is Giannis’ first All-Star captaincy. He is owner, GM and his roster will be helmed by Mike Budenholzer. What a crew. Show your support for Milwaukee’s superstar by picking up one of these sweet pieces today.

Disclaimer: So yeah, Brew Hoop gets a small slice of the profits from these shirts, so it behooves us to try and sell them. But they’re cool! And they help us sustain some of the piping hot content we’re funneling out this year. Plus, we enjoy unique t-shirts as much as the next guy. BreakingT makes shirts of the moment, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have an idea for a shirt you think would resonate with Bucks fans out there.