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Bad Bucks Take Of The Week: This Is a Thing Now

Time to address the bad takes out there

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

For the majority of this season, I have seen lots of Bucks basketball and spent an unhealthy amount of time on Twitter. With that, you are going to see plenty of posts about the Milwaukee Bucks. The good news is they are the best team in the league, so spirits are generally high, but of course we have to nitpick because nothing is perfect. Most of it is reasonable, like rotations, or who the 4th quarter shootout player will be. Other times it’s the never-ending Khris Middleton debate. Lately though, it seems there has been more takes that are out there for the sake of attention than anything else, which has brought me to this point.

This will be a new weekly series called Bad Bucks Take Of The Week (or BBTOTW) that will be posted every Friday or Saturday (still deciding on the day) and it is a way for me to highlight takes that seem plain stinking bad. Those of you that have followed #BucksTwitterCivilWar know I see the trend of opinions and have made it into a parody, and that’s my plan with this weekly column. But because there are rules to everything, here are the guidelines for how it all works.

Nobody is safe

Pretty straight forward; if I think something is a bad take, there’s a chance I’m going to highlight it, regardless of it’s a reader, fellow Brew Hooper, or my own bosses. I am even eligible to have a bad take if the situation calls for it.

Majority of national media (Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith, etc.) are ineligible. Legit figures like Zach Lowe, Adrian Wojnarowki, etc. are eligible.

I’m not going to include debate show guys like SAS, Skip Bayless, or Colin Cowherd just because like most national media talking heads, those guys don’t follow the Bucks closely and their takes are just to get clicks or interactions on the website.

Now for the national guys who DO follow the NBA, like Zach Lowe, Nate Duncan, Howard Beck, and others are eligible to have a bad take being featured, because they should know better!

We do not dox.

There are regular people out there like you and me that will have bad takes. We seek to expose those takes, but not those people. If a take comes from someone that isn’t a public figure, we’re going to maintain anonymity as best we can.

Take must be serious. No sarcastic takes.

The take has to be someone’s honest genuine opinion. Sarcastic tweets or tweets that play on a particular shtick won’t be included, even if they are funny.

Blatant trolls are ineligible

I consider naming this the “Ryan Hollins category;” his latest tweets are just a continuation of his nonsense and there was no reason why he was on FS Wisconsin during the Bucks-Clippers game (unless it was to be a punching bag for Jim Pacshke and Marques Johnson). If someone is constantly trolling, I’m not going to take them seriously.

All forms of social media is included

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram are all fair game. It will most likely be tweets and Reddit posts, but Facebook is always solid for finding bad takes.

So yeah, we are going to try and have fun with this. I will do my best to walk the fine line of nicely explaining why a take is bad, along with not trying to be a bully. We will see how this goes, but this is a thing for the time being. Now go pray that your takes are never featured in this.