The Burning Building Conundrum

We're living in an unprecedented time in Wisconsin Sports History. Not only are we soon to have the reigning MVPs of two different sports, but we also have a former MVP who's still arguably the best at his position in Aaron Rodgers. So here's my Wisconsin sports conundrum, and let me say that this is a doozy:

There's a burning Culver's just off of I-94 - probably outside Tomah or something - you run inside and there are only three people left to save. Giannis, Yelich, and Aaron Rodgers. You only have time to save two. So who do you pick to leave behind?

My initial thought is to leave Giannis. Not because he isn't valuable, but because he's indestructible. I fully expect to come back to a burned out building to see Giannis standing in the middle of the lobby, smoothie in hand, completely untouched by the fire. Mother of dragons style.

So what do y'all think?

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