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Milwaukee vs. Oklahoma City: Bucks Fall to Thunder, 127-116

...but it doesn’t really matter, so that’s nice

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

While the banner for the playoffs was already all set and ready to go outside Fiserv Forum, it was a meaningless game inside — however, it didn’t feel like it. The Oklahoma City Thunder came in and took a win from the Bucks, 127-116.

This is going to be the shortest summary of the game because it didn’t matter at all. Coming into this one, all that mattered was that the Bucks stayed healthy — and that’s what they did, so I’m taking that as a win.

Milwaukee would stick with Oklahoma City for a little bit. They’d hold a three point lead moving into the second quarter, but from there, the ship began to sail. Three after three fell for the Thunder, and by halftime, they swung themselves to a 10-point lead. By the third, they were flirting with 20+ point leads and Bud deferred to a zone, so yeah, let’s end my summary here.

Tim Frazier led the Bucks in scoring with 29 points. Khris Middleton and Bonzie Colson each had 21 themselves. Dennis Schroder’s 32 accounted for a game-high.


Three Observations

I really enjoyed watching DJ Wilson in this one.

This was my big takeaway in my Rapid Recap. It has been so fun to watch DJ play and develop this year, and he really seemed to boost that aggressiveness last night. Whatever was happening in the game, it seemed as if he was only a few inches away from it. His athleticism really is quite intriguing, and when it’s on display like it was last night, watch out. I also mentioned in my Rapid Recap just how crazy I still find the 180 he flipped is. I still can’t fathom it. Nobody wanted the Bucks to bring him back, but here we are, talking about how he can be a potential X-factor. Pretty surreal.

I also enjoy watching Tim Frazier play.

Despite being a fringe G-League player, Frazier knows how to compete — and he doesn’t shy away from talking about it. Last night marked another Iron Man performance for him, as he was on the court for all 48 minutes of the action. It resulted in another solid stat line too: 29 points, 11 assists, and six rebounds. A big tip of the cap on him and the others for being competitive with a Thunder team that was actively trying to improve their playoff seeding. They could’ve rolled over and waved the white flag early on, but for the most part, they hung around.

Let It Fly, Let It Fly!

  • The Bucks released their new postseason single, “Let It Fly.” It mirrors the “Light It Up” song that was produced for the 2001 Bucks. If you haven’t seen it yet, here you go:

Initially after hearing it in the arena, I wasn’t too impressed. However, I gave it a second listen at home, and that’s about to be the song of the summer. I think a lot of the concern was due to nostalgia with Light It Up, so this one takes a few listens to warm up to. I’ll definitely be listening to it, and I’m sure some Milwaukee bars will be playing it after a win. Like I said, it’s time to make this the anthem of the summer.

Bonus Bucks Bits

  • Aaron Rodgers made his first appearance at Fiserv Forum. If you missed the interview, you can see it here:

He also said this earlier in the day, which may fire some of you up:

  • Our co-site manager Mitchell Maurer gave the best description of Russell Westbrook I’ve ever heard in our Brew Hoop group conversation last night: “Never look at his numbers. He’s a stripper — just enjoy the show, don’t put too much thought into it.” I couldn’t agree more. I really do enjoy watching Russ play, due to his crazy athleticism. But for a more logical approach, Mitch’s quote definitely works.
  • Ersan recorded his 50th charge of the season! If that doesn’t win grittiest stat of the year, I don’t know what does. Just Ersan doing what Ersan does the best.
  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen this happen in a basketball game before:

As the folks at FSW said — only Pat could’ve pulled this off. Pretty crazy.

  • Last, this stat is courtesy of Kyle. The Bucks’ 4th Quarter Shootout finished 12-60, which would’ve been the worst record in all of the NBA. Who knows, maybe the broadcast will have it for the playoffs so the fans can redeem themselves.