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The Brew Hoop Podcast Episode 25: A Proper Playoff Pounding of the Pistons

We’re feeling good, folks.

NBA: Playoffs-Detroit Pistons at Milwaukee Bucks Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports

It’s happening people. The Milwaukee Bucks are ascending to their Playoff destiny and delivering pulverizing punches to the guts of a Detroit Pistons squad that will now be without Blake Griffin for reportedly the entire first round. We recorded this episode while basking in the glory of said domination and prior to the late-breaking Griffin news, so you won’t hear us touch on that. What a bummer for Detroit fans.

In this podcast, it’s all about the waxing that was Milwaukee winning over Detroit, 121-86. The game had it all, from Giannis free throw-line dunks to fiery, physical altercations, and it has sent an irrational amount of confidence through our hosting veins. We look at all the happenings from Game One before investigating the Eastern Conference’s upset-laden first weekend with an admittedly high-on-ourselves tone. Shade is thrown. A lot of shade. Probably too much to be honest, but by George is this Bucks team making it hard to not feel like we’re floating on air.

As always, the intro and outro music is courtesy of Cullah and available here. Thanks for your loyal listening throughout the regular season and we look forward to your listenership throughout what is hopefully a lengthy playoff run.