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Site Announcement: Giannis Antetokounmpo Mean Muggin’ T-shirt Available from BreakingT

Wear the MVP’s signature look right on your chest

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We all know Giannis Antetokounmpo is unstoppable. He even said so himself! All we had to do was watch him come screaming out of last night’s halftime with a dominating third quarter to push aside those pesky Pistons. Time after time he skies for a dunk, slamming it over the outstretched arms of hapless foes and emerging with his signature look strewn across his face: the mean mug. To immortalize his trademark expression, BreakingT has released the Mean Muggin’ t-shirt.

You definitely want to wear this puppy around town, intimidating passerbys and Piston fans alike. Heck, any fan base would be shuddering in their boots at the sight of Giannis’s sneer haunting their dreams wherever they may go. Now, you can make that a reality and show your support for Giannis’s continued domination on the hardwood. We may not be able to replicate his look in real life, but now we can brandish it across our chests for all to see. Long live Giannis. Snag yours today.