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An Ode to Ersan

This man deserves something special after an unforgettable performance in game two.

NBA: Playoffs-Toronto Raptors at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

My all-time favorite Buck had himself a night. I can’t allow Ersan’s greatest performance to pass by without pausing to give it it’s due.

Below is A Brief Ode to Ersan:

The explosion of a star that momentarily shines bright;

Ersan Ilyasova: the definition of a supernova.

In Game Two he hit fadeaways, layups and threes;

He made the Raptors look silly - with ease.

As part of the #benchmob he surely loomed largest;

And don’t forget to include his patented charges.

His impact is typically hard to assess;

But for one night, the Raptors he surely undressed.

17 points in 21 minutes;

He pushed all his old-man skills to their limits.

He stretched the floor, he looked to score;

He grabbed some boards, he did some more.

In typically offbeat, Ersan-like fashion,

He played with a beautiful, wonderful passion.

Friday night is a night I won’t ever forget;

For one night this man was completely legit.

I got to enjoy my favorite Buck’s night among the stars;

The Turkish Thunder; He will always be ours.

Much respect Ersan. Much respect.