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2019 NBA Draft Thread

We know the top two likely selections, but who knows from there!

2019 NBA Draft - Media Availability Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Even with the Bucks having already shipped out their latest selection in decades, I still get jazzed up for draft night. There’s something about that cheesy ESPN noise when a pick comes in, the surface level, typically incorrect analysis from the under-educated hosts the network continues to trot out in lieu of just letting Mike Schmitz and Jonathan Givony steer the ship. I’m also partial to Jay Bilas, but I feel like he’s an acquired taste. If nothing else, the anticipation for potential madness is what makes draft night special.

Strap in, share pictures of your draft party food spread in the comments, and let’s enjoy the theater about to unfold. We’ll post an update on the site if Milwaukee buys back into the second round or somehow makes their presence known.