Here's What Will Happen

Given the Snell trade, Lopez, Middleton, and Brogdon will all be resigned. The reason I know this will happen is because the move cleared the cap space for Lopez to resign, well significantly weakening the insurance policy in the case of Middleton and Brogdon going elsewhere. Unless Kawhi or someone wants to sign, there is no other course of option that would yield such a positive result. If those three guys are signed up to multi year contracts, the Bucks will be contenders during the duration of those contracts, needing only to fill out bench depth. If Kawhi leaves Toronto, then the Bucks are odds on favorites to win the NBA championship, as the Warriors, Rators, Rockets, Sixers, Celtics, Blazers, and Nuggets all either regressed or failed to challenge Milwaukee in the first place.

Notes on New York and LA:

I'd be surprised if the Lakers a) make the playoffs and b) develop chemistry. I doubt Kawhi wants to sign there

If Kawhi signs with the Clippers, they are immediately the favorites to win the West.

The Knicks might get Jimmy Butler. I don't know. Nothing else for them to dream of.

The Nets would be better with Kyrie, until you realize that they would get rid of Russel.

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