Trade Ersan or Stretch Leuer?

Everybody assumes we will waive and stretch Leuer, but is that the right move? Our own Mitchell Maurer pointed out in a recent article that Leuer and Ersan are remarkably similar and it got me to thinking.

Is there enough difference between the two for the 15 minutes per game they play, to potentially cost us Hill or another mid tier free agent, as well tighten our cap for next offseason when every dollar is going to count as we should try to stay under the tax(thus delaying the repeater tax till after the contracts for Lopez, Bledsoe, and Brogdon would be up).

Assuming we would trade Ersan into a traded player exception(most logical way), there is a team that stands out. Its our recent trade partner, the Wizards(who owe us btw), are both over the cap and have a TPE that is larger than Ersan's salary. They also should be looking for bigs and to not add salary to their 2020 cap because it will be their last chance to realistically spend on a max free agent.

Here are the numbers:

Stretch Leuer = 3.17mil cap hit for the next 3 years(2019 savings = 6.33mil)

Trade Ersan = 2019 savings of 7 mil

So we actually save almost 700k this year and have no extra dead money the next 2 years if we choose to trade Ersan. We then would have over 21mil in cap space to sign both Lopez and Hill(though we shouldn't spend more than about 18mil to avoid going over the tax apron) as well as our Room Exception. The 3.17 savings on next years cap could be the difference between being able to use the full MLE or only a partial.

So, what say you?

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