SG Replacement

The Bucks need to pounce on Joe Harris of the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets need to clear some cap room for DeAndre Jordan. Harris is the only significant money on the Nets at 8 and a half million. With the Brogdon trade, the Bucks we acquitted with a 10.1 million dollar trade exception. If they use this on Harris, they would have to clear some space. To me the best option is to pair the 1st rounder from Indiana and Jon Leuer in a trade. Joe Harris is a 45% shooter from 3 and a perfect role player next to Giannis. If Horst is able to make these moves, it would also save 2 million in cap space to sign Hill. If more space is needed stretching Ersan could work. I would be fine with him gone, allows DJ more chance to play and grow. The room level exception is also in play to find a backup center for Lopez. Luke Kornet or Frank Kaminsky are possible stretch 5 options that could be bought for that kind of money. I also like Wes Matthews as backup for Harris on the room exception.

with these moves the Bucks depth chart looks like this:

Bledsoe / Hill / Minimum Player

Harris / Connaughton / DiVencenzo

Middleton / Brown / Minimum Player

Antetokoumpo / Wilson / Minimum Player

Lopez / Room Exception Player / Gasol?

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