Bucks FA moves open discussion

Here's the current recap...

K Midleton: 5yr 178 with 5th year player option...

1st thought is WOW, even tho he took a slight discount... I think this isnt very good value for our 2nd or 3rd best player!!! We should have forced him into a mutual option 5th year!!! My grade C+

Brook Lopez: 4 years 52 (age 31)....

I belive the per year value is much better with Lopez... But 4 years is a bit long. I would have tried another final year mutual option here. I was hoping for around 3/30 and maybe 20 guaranteed or a buy out clause ( like Hills)... We do need a #2 center to give him nessesary rest. Maybe Pau Gaso will resign for vet min??? my grade B+ (based on age and 4 year contract)

G Hill 3 years 30 (age 33)

I read that either Hill or Lopez said money wasn't a factor when deciding to sing a new deal!!! If it was Hill, we should have a offered him a guaranteed 3 years 15!!! I wanna know what happened 1st , signing Hill or trading Brogdon??? If the trade was 1st, then our FO f'ed up and gave Hill leverage for a bigger deal. If we signed Hill 1st then we should have got him for less, like 3/20... Also I wasn't happy when we gave 2 players and a 1st to get him!!! We could have used Henson in the Toronto series!!! But I guess it's a horse a piece, A backup PG for a backup Center (+extra) My grade B ( based on age and contact length without options).

Team Loses

Mirotic leaves for Barcelona!!!! This may hurt more than trading Brogdon!!! Initially, trading Thon and J Smith was a genius move. But hated giving up multi 2nds to complete the trade. Those 2nds are gonna KILL us in the future with managing cap space!!! We couldn't find a team to sell a 2nd Rd pick this year!!!

.Brogdon Traded to Indy for a 1st and 2 2nds...

At first shocked, then read his injury was similar to his Virginia injury!!! Since that's the case, I wouldn't risk 20+ mill a year on a reoccurring injury... That's like if Lev Bell tore his acl but still wanted a max contract. Ok Bell aunt Ty he best comp to Mal Brog. I think we got very good value in this trade... Maybe we can offer the 1st to PHX to clear the Bledsoe trade. I'm estimating around the 15 to 20 pick range. Plus we needed to recover some draft picks... It won't be easy to replace MB but overall I give this trade a B++++++

Solis over job by our FO! My overall grade so far is B+ What's yours???

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