2019-2020 roster


Eric (overpaid before the playoffs?)

BroLo (decent good contract?)

Khris (overpaid for no other plausible candidate player that wanted to join the Bucks? or because Giannis wants him on the team?)

This is what we maintained from last year plus Hill (3 years but thankfully 2 guaranteed). We are one starter short in Brogdon and it ain't clear to me who is taking his place. Do we like this team?

I don't. Because I don't care about finishing with 60 wins again. 60 wins means nothing or almost nothing when the playoffs kick in and rotations get shorter. Eric will be fine for the reg season but I'm afraid he will deflate during the POs. Khris is not bad at all, some say our second most important player but we paid a ton of money, close to 35M/y, for someone that if it wasn't for Giannis he would not have been an all star, not even close. Lopez's contract I can live with, same goes for Hill's. Missing Brogdon is not that easy to replace as some friends here suggest. It is not about quantity, it's all about quality. He shots at a better % than most of the league and raises our chances for success in the playoffs more than what his production suggests. Is he going to stay healthy? Could that have something to do with Horst passing on him? That's any man's guess but I see teams heavily investing on much more serious health issues and older players (Klay, KD, DmC).

35 for Khris is a lot, same money some of the league's top bananas make. I would have kept Brogdon and go after someone with more impact in the playoffs.

Can we win the eastern conference again? Probably yes, or worst case be a top 3 seed. Do we have the best equipped team for the playoffs and the finals? Not in my mind.

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