Jon Heist-like move

Trade Leuer and two 2nds to the Kings for Nemanja Bjelica. Now hear this out...according to Spotrac, the Bucks are currently $2.2 million below the luxury tax. By trading for Bjelly, the cap hit goes from $9.5 mil to $6.8 mil, which is enough breathing room to sign the remaining two minimum salary deals for the 14th and 15th spots. Plus the Bucks get back a much more useful player in a position of limited depth. The bucks only have Wilson, Ersan, and Leuer as backup forwards. Instead of paying $3.5 mil to not have an additional NBA-level forward on the team for three years, the Bucks get a slightly better player for less. Plus the last year of his deal is non-guaranteed. Only rebuilding treams would be willing to take on salary for assets, and they wouldn’t give up young, cheap players, or the Bucks would only get back garbage. Here they get a decent role player who can hit the three for relatively little assets.

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