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Bucks vs. Team China Summer League Preview: A Late Tip Against a Global Team

Can this plucky squad blow out China’s team?

2019 Las Vegas Summer League - Milwaukee Bucks v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

Amazingly, this Milwaukee Bucks team somehow continues to make these Summer League games close. After looking buried against and undefeated Minnesota Timberwolves squad, they managed to make another fourth quarter comeback and get within a few points of managing their second victory of Summer League. Instead, they’re left at 1-2, but with a chance to get that second win against Team China, a team that miraculously, eked out an 84-80 victory against the Charlotte Hornets. I thought it couldn’t get worse for Hornets fans after that Terry Rozier signing, but I guess I was wrong.

Previously, Team China had lost 94-77 to the Kings and 103-62 to the Miami Heat. Theoretically, the Bucks should win given how competitive they’ve been against pretty solid teams this summer. I guess we’ll find out.

Bucks Player to Watch: Elijah Bryant

There’s no two ways about it, Bryant popped for the Bucks against the Timberwolves. He almost singlehandedly got them back in the game with a fourth quarter shooting and lay-up spree. He has a patience, which could also be construed for lethargicness, about his game that really showed on his ability to get to the rack and finish. He seems to catch guys off guard. The shooting will probably be touch-and-go, but 31 points, seven rebounds and two assists is nothing to sneeze at in Summer League. Who knows if he can replicate it, but it was fun for a night.

China Player to Watch: Yi Jianlian Zhou Qi

Of course we all want to watch the former Buck, whose now swoll, cast sideways glances at the franchise that once drafted him for his ability to deke out a chair. But alas, he hasn’t appeared in any of their games thus far. Hopefully he can weasel his way out there somehow. Instead, I submit Zhou Qi, a player who I remember garnering some buzz in the draft a few years ago, but haven’t heard much from since. He managed 17 points, nine rebounds and four blocks against the Hornets, so he should be a prime test for Jock Landale during his time on the court. Qi stands 7’1”.

Game Details

Remember folks that this will serve as the game thread too. I just want to say, before the game, it’ll be an honor to go through this with all of you. When wondering whether your friends are true Bucks fans, we officially have a new litmus test: if they stayed up for the entirety of the 10 PM (probably more like 10:45 if we’re being honest) Summer League game vs. China. Congrats.

Tipoff Time: 10 PM CST

Where to Watch: NBA TV