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The Brew Hoop Podcast Episode 34: Summer League Soirée (Feat. Thanalysis)

Breaking down the Vegas proceedings and Thanasis Signing

2019 Las Vegas Summer League - Day 8 - Portland Trail Blazers v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

With Milwaukee capping off yet another relatively disappointing Summer League season, Riley, Kyle and I gather to give our brief thoughts on the team’s performance. We give our semi-standout guys and ponder if any of them may have staying power for a two-way or with the Herd. Then, we wonder whether there’s any reason for concern given the poor play of Sterling Brown and D.J. Wilson.

Afterwards, we break down the state of the East in the wake of Kawhi’s decision to flee west. How do the Bucks potential opponents stack up and is there anyone alongside the Sixers who could give them trouble? Then, Riley and Kyle debate the Thanasis Antetokounmpo signing. Get your popcorn ready. Finally, we touch on free agency again and lightly discuss Malcolm Brogdon.

Thanks as always for listening. We will likely take a few weeks off with the dearth of NBA news ahead, but keep your eyes out for a call to get mailbag questions eventually.