NBA salary rank vs player rank revisited and looking forward

A year ago, I listed the Buck's salary ranking along with a variety of other rankings. This is a look back at what was written and to project were the Buck's are today.

What was written about the future MVP

Giannis has 29th highest salary this coming season- Giannis was , 7th VORP, 6th WS, 17th RPM, 7th R983, 6th SI.

Have I said how much I love Giannis. Not only is he awesome, he agreed to be underpaid. Now we need to surround him with the team he deserves and the owners need to take less (luxury tax) when the time comes. (side note, what is wrong with RPM? You can't disrespect the Blue Mamba like that).

What Happened

Giannis had a pretty good year. And the cherry on top, he will be the 41st highest paid player. 2nd ranked VORP, 4th in RPM (behind Paul George, James Harden, Stephen Curry) and #1 in my heart. Grade A+++++ value.

What was written about Bledsoe

Bledsoe- 79th in $, 36th VORP, 55th WS, 41st RPM, 50th R983, 53th SI

Will he be the Bledshow or the the playoff no-show? If he stays healthy, odds are that he will be the a good value, but the real $18 million question is about next year? Will Coach Bud work his magic? Buck's might not have made the playoffs without him and probably would have advanced past Boston if he had shown up. Can he continue to be a crunch time wizard, or will the Rozier nightmare linger?

What happened

Crap, we still have playoff questions, but he did play better in the first 2 rounds. Last year he was the 79th highest paid, this year it is 77th. 3rd on the team in on/off. 29th rank in VORP, 25th in RPM. Grade A value. Will he be a Buck all year?

What was written about Middleton

Middleton- 96th in $, 65th in VORP, 37th in WS, 78th RPM, 46th R983, 28th SI

Another great value for this year, but questions linger for next year. If he can produce at the 28th SI projection, Khash will have a duel meaning. He will be 27 this year, and my money is on him getting paid in Brewtown.

What happened

Khash got his dough, and I hope it is not hard to swallow. After being underpaid, he might have made up for lost time. 73rd in VORP, 55th in RPM, 19th in pay this year. 2nd in the team in usg% (highest in his career along with his highest 3par). With Brogdon gone, can he fill in some of the missing production? Grade C for value. Unless we win it all and then it is an A.

What was written about Lopez

Lopez- 253rd in $, 110th VORP, 124th WS, 143rd RPM, 144th R983, 99th SI

If Lopez can match the SI projection, he will be one of the best and most affordable 4th options in the NBA. IMO, Horst hit a home run. If a 37 year old Pau Gasol can anchor the 3rd best defense, then I have hope the Coach Bud can mold Lopez into his system. It will be strange but nice to see a center actually cleanly catch and finish strong near the rim. Monroe with a wingspan.

What happened

Spash Mountain made an impact. Might be the move that turned Horst into Heist. The best value in the NBA last year. 37th in VORP, 22nd in RPM. 110th in pay (Miles Plumlee will get more this year). Maybe it was the system, but look at how much the advance stats loved him last year. 2nd on the team in on/off. Grade A value.

What was written about Ersan

Ersan- 176th in $, 130th in VORP, 114th WS, 103rd RPM, 140th R983

I guess you can go home again. I really like this move, and if Mr. Consistency can repeat his advance stats, he will prove to be a good value signing. He was huge for a young Philly team last year, and I am expecting much of the same for the Buck's.

What happened

223rd VORP, 81st RPM, 169th in pay. The distance between his VORP and RPM rankings is probably as wide as the opinions about Ersan. Had a positive 0.7 on/off and hit a respectable 36.3 3pt%. Very possible his production might slip this year. Grade C value. Might be a trade chip this year.

What was written about Pat Connaughton

PattyC- 370th in $, 213th VORP, 205th WS, 301st RPM

I really liked him coming out of college. But it is all about his shooting. The Irish Snelly mirrored his second half swoon. (58 TS% in the first half, 48.7 TS% in the second half). He is unplayable if he can't hit his shots and was Bledsoe-like in the playoffs. Probably gets a chance before Donte.

What happened

I really came to appreciate PattyC. Easily surpassed my expectations. 102nd VORP, 144th in RPM, 327th in money. Huge improvement in VORP and RPM. Despite his 33 3pt%, he seemed to bring energy off the bench and did not mope when he did not play. Much better rebounder than I thought. Grade B+ value. Grade A if he hits over 36% from deep.

What was written about the President

Brogdon- 395th in $, 221st VORP, 187th WS, 236th RPM, 138th R983

The President we all deserve someday and I hope for the teams sake he can stay healthy. Very underpaid this year, but the question is how much will the restricted free agent make next year? Kind of sucked in the playoffs, but was coming off an injury. I hope he is with the team long term. I think R983's ranking is about right.

What happened

50/40/90 and a chance to pace his own team. Always one of my favorites. 77th VORP, 51st RPM, 52nd in pay. Had a break out year and got his first big payday. I wish him well, except for when we play them.


George Hill, 202nd VORP, 50th RPM, 137th pay (big difference between VORP and RPM ranking)

Might be one of the most important players on the team.

Robin Lopez, 189th VORP, 293rd RPM, 200th pay

Wes Matthews, 205th VORP, 192 RPM, 276th pay

Sterling Brown, 237th VORP, 390th RPM, 361st pay

Poor values from last year that are off the books, Snell, Delly, Henson. Hopefully, a year from now we will still be hungover and not talking about bad contracts.

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