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News Roundup: New Two-Way Player Signed, J.R. Smith and Kyle Korver Sightings

Cleveland Cavaliers v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Mid-July is always when things slow wayyyyy dowwwwwwn in the NBA, but that doesn’t mean that everything comes to a complete halt. Over the past few days, the Milwaukee Bucks have had a few things out in the news, and we’re here to put it all in one place for the weekend.

Bucks Sign Cam Reynolds to Two-Way Deal

Meet Cameron Reynolds. Reynolds, 24, is a 6’8” wing known most for his ability to shoot the three: 0.334 from deep in NCAA play, but 0.419 in the G-League and 0.412 in a short NBA stint with the Timberwolves. Reynolds is happy to be here, of course, and it’s notable that the Bucks nabbed a guy who has real-life NBA experience (19 games with Minnesota last season) on a two-way contract. Our very own Dakota Schmidt has noticed Reynolds before, and here’s what he has to say about him:

Despite his questionable defensive stats, Reynolds has been able to establish himself as one of the best forward prospects in the G League. That label doesn’t come easily as the Stockton forward stands out as an amazing perimeter shooter, solid post-up threat that also has some upside as an on-ball driver. In addition to that, he does show upside on the defensive end due to being a 6’8 forward that can defend both guards and forwards that are trying drive to the rim.

With those traits, a strong 6’8, 225 pound frame and just being a young 22 year old rookie , Stockton Kings forward Cameron Reynolds stands as a legitimate NBA prospect and somebody that fans should keep their eyes on.

J.R. Smith Sighted in Milwaukee!

Soup’s back on the menu, everyone!

In all seriousness, J.R. Smith may have been in Milwaukee, but it was for (so far) nothing more than a free agent meeting. Smith, 33, would be a decent get for the Bucks, given his size (6’6”) and shooting ability (37.3% from deep on his career, on generally high volume). He’s a fun bench scorer who can catch lightning in a bottle sometimes, and he’s a quirky personality but largely isn’t considered a bad dude. He would likely fit in just fine, as he fit in with LeBron James in Cleveland. But as of yet, Smith is unsigned, and it’s not like the Bucks don’t have options, since...

Kyle Korver Sighted with Giannis!

What do you know? The Bucks were rumored to have interest in Kyle Korver last year before the Jazz nabbed him, and Korver’s sudden availability (by way of a trade/buyout from the Phoenix Suns) is appealing to many Bucks fans. Korver, 38, is a historically-good three point shooter, but there’s more than enough questions around whether he’s actually washed up or not. Don’t forget, Korver played in the NBA Finals... entered the league in 2003, playing with Allen Iverson and the Philadelphia 76ers. That’s a lifetime ago! If the Bucks bring him in, he’ll certainly be a value in the locker room (a la Pau Gasol last season), but it’s not reasonable to expect too much from him on the floor.

Kostas Antetokounmpo Waived by Mavs...and en route to Toronto!

Reported both locally and nationally, Giannis’ younger brother Kostas Antetokounmpo was released by the Dallas Mavericks. Kostas, a two-way contract player and the 60th overall pick in the draft two years ago, was unremarkable at Dayton and similarly pedestrian in the G-League. However, having an Antetokounmpo on the roster is the sort of thing that most teams have more than passing interest in (perhaps why Thanasis Antetokounmpo was signed?), and that continues to be the case as the Toronto Raptors (who else) are said to be claiming Kostas:

We all had our jokes (me included) about the Bucks jumping at the chance to add a third Antetokounmpo, but I think we’re all being a bit cynical on this front. No, Thanasis wasn’t a hot NBA prospect, and might not be an NBA player, but he’s here. Kostas’ availability may have been known (probably not, but maybe!), and the fact that Milwaukee went ahead and nabbed Cam Reynolds anyway tells me that they’re not completely delusional. But who knows, there’s still plenty of time for Alex Antetokoumpo (the feature of this excellent Bleacher Report article) to come up and get drafted with one of the Bucks’ picks from the Brogdon S&T, so who knows where Kostas is at that point...

What do you think? What’d we miss? Let us know in the comments; we’ll get through the summer together.