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Milwaukee Bucks Release 2019-20 Preseason Schedule

You’ll never guess who is on this year’s slate...

NBA: Playoffs-Boston Celtics at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Okay so you can probably guess, it’s the Chicago Bulls for crying out loud, who we can hopefully proudly stomp upon with former Bull Robin Lopez leading the charge. Even with the NBA hot stove finally turning to a simmer, trickles of news like this still get me pretty excited thinking about seeing the Milwaukee Bucks back on the court by October 7th against their cross-state rivals. With the release of their full preseason slate, I guess it’s time to start the countdown.

The rest of their games actually feature a fair bit of travel outside their midwestern cocoon. After doing the Bulls a solid and going to the United Center since they won’t be getting any of that postseason ticket numbers, Milwaukee hosts the Utah Jazz at the Fiserv Forum on October 9.

Afterwards, they venture down to Dallas for a 7:30 tip on Friday, October 11, then round out a weekend of travel with a trip to the country’s capital with a 6 PM game on Sunday, October 13 against the Washington Wizards. Finally, the whole proceedings close out with a chance to crush the TimberPups back in Milwaukee on Thursday, October 17. Not only do we get one more game than last year’s preseason, but we won’t have to do a home-and-home within a week with Minnesota.

The 3-1 preseason for Milwaukee last year was our first glimpse at just how potent Bud’s new team could be. Now, we’ll get to see how some new pieces fit with the schemes we’re well familiar with now, along with any early wrinkles. I’m most interested in seeing how the SG rotation shakes out. Last year, the Bucks has their first regular season game on the 17th, so we shouldn’t have to wait long after that final matchup with Minnesota to get real Bucks basketball.