The Middleton vs Brogdon debate

Khris M: age 27, avg of 35.6 million per year and 16 months older than Brogdon

Brogdon: age 26 age of over 20 million per year

I understand Horst wants to keep GA happy and we belive K Midd is arguably our 2nd best player. Does this warrant paying an extra 15 million a year to keep K Midd??? Another issue was MB's injury history. Usually I'd say don't overpay for an injury prone player. Maybe keeping MB would have been smarter to keep MB and use the extra cap space to resign Mirotic??? After signing KK, i think we have plenty of wings on our roster. I think it reasonable to say we would be a stronger team with MB & NM vs K Midd!!! Also KM's deal will make him almost untradeable. But then agian the Russ West and CP3 trade happend, so I guess anythings possible.

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