Kyle Lowry?

One of the big questions left this offseason (or this season) that isn't really getting talked about is "will the Toronto Raptors blow it up?" They have $90m in expiring player contracts (headlined by Lowry, Gasol, & Ibaka) and could pivot to a rebuild around Siakam. If they do, I believe the Bucks should target Kyle Lowry. My proposed offer would be Bledsoe, Ersan or Leur, DDV (or DJ), & the Indiana pick. At first I thought Toronto would say no because of our "rivalry" but then I realized - they beat us, and likely have very little animosity towards us. I think this is a good deal. Bledsoe's playoff-itis might sink the Bucks, we have to be aggressive about looking for upgrades.




Giannis/(DJ or Ersan)


What do you think?

Since I need to fill my word count, one other interesting trade would be Leur + DDV (or the Indiana pick) for Covington.

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