Realistic Move for Title Contention

I'm actually one of the few bucks fans that is at least ok with the decision not to resign Brogdon, especially now that we got some draft picks back to work with. Why i'm ok with it is because now the bucks have some flexibility to either make a move mid-season or next season to add another impact player.

Depending on how we use the assets from the Brogdon trade though will be a big factor in whether it was a good move or not. I tried to think through who could realistically be acquired this season that could help put the Bucks over the top and win it all.

Here are few notes first:

  • The key word here is realistic, the bucks do not have many assets to work with. They also have weird salaries where they don't have a lot of guys in the middle (10-15 mil) so it's hard to acquire really high priced guys unless you want to trade Bled.
  • I'm going under the assumption that Leuer will be waived. I keep seeing these trade packages on the message board with Leuer/Ilyasova and we just can't do that. We have to clear salary to sign George Hill and the most likely thing that happens is us to waive and stretching Jon Leuer.
  • My biggest need for the bucks is added scoring punch either off the bench or as a starter. Lou Williams is the ideal fit for me here as he could come off the bench and get 20 easy. I though Mirotic might be that guy last year but he pooped the bed.
Here are the guys i came up with, let me know your thoughts:

Kevin Love:
We'd have to trade Bled, Ersan and DJ Wilson just to make the money work and we'd have to probably through in that first from Indiana just to get it done as i'm not sure why Cleveland would want Bled. We'd also be down to just George Hill at point guard. Love could certainly provide some added offense but defense would be lacking and we'd also be taking Brook off the floor quite a bit. I do think this is a doable trade that Cleveland would be interested in.

Evan Fournier:
He would certainly add a scoring punch and he is a pretty solid 3 p shooter for his career. This is another tricky one with the $$ - we'd have to send out Ersan, DJ, Donte, and either PC/Sterling/Wes Mathews. But I could see the magic doing this without us having to include the 1st rounder. We'd also get to keep Bledsoe in this situation. Not sure how great a defender Fournier is but you know he can score. He's average 17 pts per game 2 of the last 3 years.

Eric Gordon
I like this fit a lot for the Bucks. This guy have shown to be an elite shooter, a clutch playoff performer, and a secondary creator. We could package Ersan, Donte, PC, and the indiana 1st and i would call it a fair trade as Gordon is on an expiring deal. The only problem is that i'm not sure why the rockets would do this unless they had a big injury to Harden and their team went to crap.

Dion Waiters (Yuck)
I actually really hate Dion Waiters but he is the type I think they need. Someone to come off the bench and get buckets and not afraid to shoot. That is for sure Dion. He also could be had for next to nothing. Miami would love to trade us Dion for just Ersan and Donte. Again, i hate this option but as I was going through the players on each team he seemed like a possibility.

After going through this exercise, it's clear that we can only add a player that makes up to about 17 mil/year without having to include Bledsoe or either Lopez in the deal. That is pretty limiting around the league.

Some other honorable mentions I looked at:
Buddy Hield - i don't think we have the assets to get him
Lou Williams - not sure why LAC would trade him
Jrue Holiday - not sure why NO would trade him for Bled

My vote would be for Gordon, i really like that fit and i think he is better than Brogdon. We also have the option to just hang on to the pick and see what happens in the offseason or the draft.

Let me know what you guys think!

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