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Monday Morning Media Roundup: August 12th, 2019

The “World Cup literally can’t get here soon enough” Edition

Basketball: USA Basketball Men’s National Team-USA White at USA Blue Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know about you guys, but I certainly don’t remember the news cycle coming to such a dead-stop a year ago.

All we’ve had to look forward to for helping fill the content void is the FIBA World Cup and... we’re still weeks away from that being any closer to actually happening. Knowing our luck, each Buck involved with their respective national team will have dropped out for reasons varying from a lightly strained glute to just not liking the way the jerseys fit. This is the hell that awaits all of us.

Some highlights have already began trickling in from ongoing scrimmages and warm-up games, and at least everyone is being reasonable about what player performances in these shambolic outings says about the upcoming sea...

Thank goodness the schedule drops later today.

Let’s roundup!

Bucks’ Khris Middleton braces for possible FIBA showdown with Giannis Antetokounmpo (Washington Post)

I’ve always found it interesting when a team’s top two to three players aren’t necessarily the closest individuals off the court. After all, every person is different and the importance of the on-court relationship is what matters most; having a buddy-buddy situation like that of Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan in Toronto is more an exception than the rule.

We’ve already heard the stories of how hard Giannis and Khris went at each other in team practices scrapping for minutes. Count me in as intrigued to see how they look if USA and Greece meet in the World Cup.

‘’I would exchange the MVP title for the World Cup title in China’’ (FIBA)

I’d be more surprised if we got an answer different from the one above to what Giannis hopes his international career comes to. While the past few summers have proven rocky for the Antetokounmpo-Greek Federation relationship, he’s focused on what looks like golden (sorry) opportunity for Greece at the World Cup.

For a team that has only gotten silver in the World Cup, no awards at the Olympics, and most recently took EuroBasket gold in 2005, lucking into Giannis might be a lottery ticket coming due at just the right time.

Bonzie Colson didn’t want to wait on NBA teams so he chose Turkey to continue his pro hoops journey (SouthCoast Today)

A final farewell as Bonzie Colson hits the road and heads overseas to Turkey as his professional career moves beyond the NBA.

While Bonzie always seemed a tough fit on this roster, he had a few highlights during his time with the Bucks, including a end-to-end late-season start against the Atlanta Hawks. Versus NBA competition his unique physical stature didn’t make itself felt in a definitive way, there’s nothing to say he can’t shine abroad. Here’s hoping a successful stint elsewhere results in another shot at the league.

Former Bucks player Tony Snell sells Mequon mansion (Biz Times)

In the latest dispatch from “inane things to fill the time during the off-season”, there’s this bit of news about Tony Snell’s mansion. Good for him flipping the value from $2.26 million up to $2.43 million. Also, if he didn’t have a plaque on the premises that said “Courtesy of Jon Horst’s trigger finger”, what the hell was he even doing?

The Social Media Section


Yup, this is the good stuff (plus overhyped Giannis)

DJ Wilson is truly a man of the people

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sticking to the script but this ain’t a act

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Congrats, Darvin!

#TheComeback begins

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New Beginnings

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Team USA - we in here

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Officially “hmmmm”

The greatest city on Earth got just a tiny bit greater

The best part of schedule release day (for me) is finally figuring out which day I need to schedule time off for in order to be standing outside the Target Center 12 hours before tip-off. All of you out-of-state fans surely know how special it is when the Bucks come to your town, so here’s to the schedule dropping in your favor.

I just checked the FIBA countdown timer and we are 19 days, 04 hours, 52 minutes, and 32 seconds away from the first games tipping off. Yeesh.

Happy Monday!