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Report: Milwaukee Bucks Play on Christmas Day Against Philadelphia 76ers

Stay away from the folks dressed in Santa suits Giannis...

Milwaukee Bucks v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

There was Giannis and Donte and Bledsoe and Middleton; Robin and Korver and Matthews and Sterling, but do you recall, the most famous Christmas Day game of all...Milwaukee Bucks vs. the Sixers, on this very year’s 25th! Yes, we all presumed that Giannis’ superstardom coupled with the Bucks stellar year meant they would play on Christmas day again this year, but they’ve been given an upgrade in talent by squaring off against the Philadelphia 76ers, per a report from Malika Andrews.

After the early tipoff against the sad-sack New York Knicks last year, it’s cool to see Milwaukee get what could be considered the second-best game on the slate behind Lakers-Clippers. Who knows if the Clips will be load managing their stars at that point, that would be an ultimate flex in the league’s face. For Milwaukee though, it’s pretty thrilling to see the franchise slowly turn into a potential Xmas day staple with Giannis leading the charge. The other contests that day are reportedly Pelicans-Nuggets, Raptors-Celtics and Warriors-Rockets.

Selfishly, as someone who typically stays in Philadelphia each year for Christmas, this is music to my ears. How did everyone else feel about the Bucks playing on Christmas last year? Was it tough to fit it into your holiday routine? Or was it nice to break up the day with some Bucks basketball? Let us know in the comments below.