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Site Announcement: Welcome To Two New Staff Members

The Milwaukee Bucks may have been the best team in the NBA last season, but they did not rest on their laurels. No, they looked for ways to make their team better, and we’re here along for the ride. And Brew Hoop may have been the best SB Nation affiliate that focuses on the Milwaukee Bucks (or at least top-10), and we too are always on the lookout to improve. In our case, we’re lucky enough to welcome Collin and Patrick to the team, and they’re here to tell you a bit about themselves. Welcome, gents!

Collin Parker – @_CollinParker

Aside from the occasional fanpost throughout this summer, my affiliation with the Bucks has been as a casual fan. My interest in writing is a bit more layered.

I started writing my freshman year in high school on a personal blog covering a random assortment of games with very little, if any, writing prowess. I took the typical baby steps of a young writer, moving up to different blogs until I found a gig at Prep Hoops, a high school scouting site. Considering my long-term position on the end of the JV bench, this was right up my alley.

Going into my junior year in high school, now, I wanted to get into the NBA field. So, after contacting Mitchell about possibly joining the team, I got to work writing samples and, here we are. Hopefully, you guys can tune into my stuff every so often and come to recognize me as a reliable source for all things Milwaukee Bucks!

Patrick Casey – @PatrickCasey

Hello, deer friends.

I’m happy to be joining the Brew Hoop team and I’m excited to share my approach to covering the Bucks!

If you agree that good information isn’t less good just because its presentation includes humor and personality, then I think you’ll get excited as well.

A bit about me: I’m a public relations consultant and a moderator of the Bucks’ subreddit ( I recently got married wearing Nike Zoom Freak 1s and my 5-year-old can correctly pronounce Giannis’ full name. I have a “BUCKS IN SIX” tattoo and I often wonder if Rashad Vaughn could have been successful if he got to play for Budenholzer (see: D.J. Wilson).

Want to see your name on our masthead? Let us know, on Twitter or via email.