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Ranking The Roster 2019: The Michael Jordan of Delaware is more like Marcus Jordan and is gone at #12

The Big Ragu says ciao

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If you spend a season battling injury and only being known for #doingstuff, that’s not the best way to endear yourself to fans; especially when players drafted after him perform really well for their team. This wasn’t particularly surprising considering the other candidates are all established veterans (and D.J. Wilson) and the voting for number #12 was pretty straight forward with second year player Donte DiVincenzo being voted off.

Donte was able to show flashes throughout the season, whether it was skying in for rebounds, keeping the ball moving, being okay defensively or hitting shots occasionally. He was given a chance early in the season as one of the first players called off of the bench. At the very least, he looks like he can be a potential bench guy who can come in and at least give you something averaging 15.2 minutes per game or so.

The issue with Donte is that while he does stuff, the areas he is needed most he falls well short of. He only shot 27% from three, which isn’t going to cut it to play in games, especially in Budenholzer offensive system. That combined with a 50% true shooting does highlight that if Donte is going to play, he will need to increase that uptick with other players vying for playing time at his position. His second issue is availability; with a combination of injuries, DiVincenzo only played in 27 games. With the issues involving his foot/heel, it will be interesting to see if those injuries persist or if time spent relaxing, rehabbing and not being rushed will make a difference.

Overall, there will be time and chances for Donte to make his impact, but he will have to improve his shooting and availability. While it’s nice that he can do stuff, for a team with a title aspiration, he will need to show why he deserves playing time on the court with new players likely taking his minutes, a leap would be nice to see.

Editor’s note: All right folks, we’re doing things a bit differently today. To correct the erroneous polling and boneheaded math moves, we will reinstate Ersan Ilyasova but just want to verify that the voting public believes Ersan is more valuable than the three players eliminated already (Thanasis, Bender, Big Ragu). If the answer is yes, I’ll get a new post up tomorrow to get voting going again with Turkish Thunder included.


Is Ersan Ilyasova a more valuable Buck than Thanasis, Bender and DiVincenzo?

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