Comparing the Bucks team stats from this year vs last year

Net +11.4 this year vs +8.6 from last year (this year is 3rd best net, just below two of the Jordan's Bulls seasons in the 3 point era)

ORtg 113.6 this year vs 113.8 last year

57.3 2pt% vs 56.5 (which is interesting because we have taken fewer shots at the rim)

35.3 3pt% vs 35.3

The Bucks are only slightly worse on offense compared to last year, despite what conventional thinking might say was a much better modern shot chart last season. More on that below.

DRtg 101.9 vs 105.2 (Hello Robin)

44.6 2pt% allowed vs 47.9

36.7 3pt% allowed vs 36.1

It seems that Robin Lopez is having a positive impact on the teams 2pt% defense. Last season when Brook was on the court they allowed 46.7 2pt% and 48.7 2pt% when he was off the court. This year when Robin is on the court they are allowing 46.0 2pt% (NBA wowy). The teams 2% diff has improved from +8.6 to +12.7 (best in 3 point era).

This huge increase in 2% is allowing the Bucks to win more games when they have a negative 3% diff. Last season they had a 24-20 with a negative 3% diff. This year it has improved to 17-6 (60 win pace).

Another reason for defensive improvement is Donte.

98.5 DRtg with Donte on the court, 106.3 Drtg 106.3 with Donte off the court (stats from NBAwowy). Those are Giannis like numbers.

Oreb% 21.2 vs 20.8

Dreb% 81.2 vs 80.5 (hello Robin again)

The Bucks are an even better rebounding team this year (both offensively and defensively).

Tov% on offense 12.3% vs 12.0

tov% created by out defense 12.5 vs 11.5

tov% diff, this year +0.2 extra possessions vs -0.5 last season (Thanks Donte for the steals)

3par 42.8% vs 41.9 (increase probably due to Giannis taking more)

% of fga 0-3' 29.3% vs 34.0 (probably Bledsoe missing time, Brogdon gone, and Giannis dropping from 57% to 48% of his shots at the rim)

% of shots from mid-range 27.8% vs 24.1 (Middleton has increase his mid-range up to 50.0% of his shots vs 41.6 last season)

What we have watched in the first half is historic. But this is just a snap shot of the past and might not predict future results. We have a team that has evolved its shot chart on offense and doubled down on on rim protection on defense. Time will tell if this leads to the promised land.

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