Covington as the final piece?

Hey Gang,

Have been perusing too many articles about potential trades for MKE coming into playoff time.

I like the idea of Bogdanovic as an addition to the offense, but I think my favorite at present is Robert Covington.

While he will most likely be a hot commodity due to defensive prowess, Salary wise, a combo of Ersan & any of our lower salary guys works.

I think he could provide major value as a wing stopper against teams like Boston, or Philly (or LA teams), who I see as our biggest threats, without dropping off much (at all?) on the offensive end.

Would folks be willing to add a first round pick to say Ersan + Sterling (or Pat, or Bender or DJ) to get the deal done?

Would Ersan + Sterling + DJ do it without the pick?

Thanks for indulging.

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