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Site Announcement: Cobra Mentality Shirt from BreakingT

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In what has been a special season, the Milwaukee Bucks have been engaged in a unique (and delightful) pregame ritual, driven mostly by Wes Matthews, Brook and Robin Lopez, and Giannis Antetokounmpo. In a word...wrasslin’.

To celebrate this team of wonderfully goofy dorks, our partners at BreakingT have come out with a new item that focuses on Giannis’ finishing move (and ties it back to his status as one of the few players that has worked out with Kobe Bryant in the offseason...and improved as a result. We’ve seen a few items from them before, but this one is our new favorite.

Click here to support Brew Hoop and check out not just the new ‘Cobra Mentality’ shirt, but the other shirts that are a part of the Milwaukee collection and celebrate not just the Bucks, but the Packers and Brewers as well.