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NBA News: Kobe Bryant Passes Away in Accident

Bryant was 41 years old.

Los Angeles Lakers v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

This news doesn’t necessarily affect the Milwaukee Bucks this season, as they return from a featured matchup in Paris and prepare to continue on with their season. But some things are bigger than basketball, and the news of Kobe Bryant’s passing is indeed bigger than the game.

Losing anyone in an accident is tough, whether or not they’re a rightful legend of the sport. That Kobe’s daughter was on the aircraft with him (along with seven other people, nine total) makes it so, so much worse.

Players across the league have shared their grief and anguish, on social media and on the court. He was a mentor to some, a rival to others, and icon to all.

Life is usually unfair. Sometimes, it’s cruel. This feels like the latter, and people across the basketball world – and the real one – mourn this loss. Consider this a space where Kobe’s life and legacy can be celebrated...but first take a moment to reach out and connect with your loved ones.